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Why install partition walls?

Partition walls have become commonplace across Singapore as a way to personalise the open concept design that most HDB flats share.

Why install partition walls?

Juliet Taylor


November 4th, 2022

A partition wall is a dividing wall which creates two defined spaces. Partition walls do not support any of the building’s weight and can be removed or erected without changing the structural layout of an apartment. They can be made from just about any sturdy building material, but the most common partition wall types are glass, brick and timber.

Room dividers as a practice are very common in Singapore. This is likely due to the fact that the majority of HDB homes are now open concept, so partitioning off areas of the flat gives homeowners more control over their home layout. However, sectioning off rooms is far from a modern practice – in fact, the earliest discovered folding screens date back to 7th century China.

Wall partitions have a lot of utility in modern Singaporean homes. Creating a defined private space inside a larger shared space is equivalent to building your own personal oasis. There are a number of uses for rooms separated by the partition, but the most common usage is for a private study – especially given the popularity of working from home post-pandemic. Other uses for partition rooms include a children’s play area, movie and/or theatre room, laundry room, art/music room, and even a walk-in wardrobe.

How much does a partition wall cost Singapore?

All things considered, partition walls are fairly affordable for renovations. The price range for a partition wall is usually somewhere between $580-$7,6000 depending on the partition wall material and complexity of the job. This is because they do not have any structural responsibilities and are therefore much easier to erect or remove.

Partition walls have a lot of design potential when styled effectively. The sheer volume of designs and materials that can make choosing the right one feel daunting. To help inspire your own partition wall ideas, here is a list of the beset partition room dividers currently included in homes across Singapore.

Partition wall Singapore – 13 partition wall designs for a HDB renovation

13. Design partition wall screens

room divider screen japanese scandinavian divider partition

One simple wall separator idea that won’t break the bank is purchasing portable wall dividers or screens. You can fold down these screens and place them in another room when they aren’t needed, which will free up the space once more. This gives you an easy and impermanent way to section off parts of your room whenever needed. For more information, read about the top 5 room divider ideas in Singapore.

12. MDF walls partition

timber partition wall designs hdb bto flat

MDF stands for Medium Density Fibreboard, which is a composite wood product that is often used for interior decorating purposes. Medium Denisty Fibreboard comes in a variety of textures, patterns and finishes which gives homeowners a wealth of options when it comes to their partition boards.

11. Office partition wall

glass home office partition design hdb flat

Defining your office space is one of the key factors in building a successful working from home environment. Failure to separate work spaces from leisure spaces can lead to you feeling stressed and unable to leave work behind when it’s time to clock off. As such, an office partition is a great idea to separate the two halves of your life. The wall pictured above even has frosted glass for an extra measure of separation. Out of sight, out of mind!

10. Internal partition wall for the kitchen

glass kitchen partition design separator wall

One of the downsides of open concept design is that cooking smells will undoubtedly float all through the house – which might be nice when you’re hungry, but will quickly become annoying (especially if you’re prone to burning your food). Installing a kitchen partition wall can help you to take control of your kitchen space and keep it separate from the rest of the house. You can even use a wet and dry kitchen system if you decide that kitchen organisation is important to you.

09. False wall partition

false wall divider partition wall design hdb flats

For a more unique look, you could consider installing a false wall rather than an obvious divider. This will have all of the appearance of a normal wall and can completely change the layout of your apartment.

08. Entrance partition wall

entrance wall divider design ideas

A partition can be a great way to greet your guests at the entrance of your home. This partition wall by Swiss Interiors helps to create private living room space which will guide guests into the flat.

07. Movable partition wall

room dividers office space portable walls movable walls

Installing a temporary partition wall in an office space will allow you to reimagine the area at will. This gives extreme flexibility for your workers, allowing for a greater sense of privacy and freedom. They are usually made from lightweight dry wall partitions.

06. DIY partition wall

DIY room divider partition wall kitchen living room hdb do it yourself easy

HDB partition walls are usually an okay project to DIY. Since they are not load bearing, the only thing you really need to worry about is making sure they will look the way that you want. However, check out our HDB renovation guidelines to be safe.

05. Partition systems

hdb flat multiple partitions structure desginer layout

Having multiple partitions in the one room creates a sense of structure reminiscent of cubism design. It is a great way to give your apartment a little edge and can help you maintain order within the house.

04.  Between living dining rooms

glass partition between living and dining room

Another idea for living room design is to separate the living and dining areas. This can help you to wind down more effectively in the living room space, as well as promote healthier eating habits (rather than eating while watching television).

03. Sliding partition walls

sliding glass door design ideas

Sliding partitions give you extreme flexibility over your home layout without sacrificing any of the aesthetic. Take a look at more designs by Carousell Singapore for inspiration.

02. Wood partition wall

wooden partition designs

Timber partitions are popular for the chic sophistication and warmth they can bring into a room. A partial room divider like the one pictured above takes advantage of timber’s aesthetic value while still allowing for light to pass through the separated slats, keeping the room bright and open.

01. Glass partition wall

glass partition separate room hdb flat designs black iron steel industrial chic look

The beauty of a glass partition speaks for itself. They are a highly sophisticated design choice which will remain timeless and elegant for as long as you have them standing.

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