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Behind the Brand: Innerspace’s Luc O’Brien

Continuing our new series on the design enthusiasts who work in all sorts of different roles across the industry, we hear from Innerspace’s Creative Collaborator and State Manager NSW.

Behind the Brand: Innerspace’s Luc O’Brien

In our Behind the Brand series, it’s all about getting to know the brands – more specifically, the people behind the brands in the design industry. Even more specifically, in fact, we’ve been seeking out the real design enthusiasts who work just outside the spotlight but are some of the critical nodes in the network that is architecture and design. 

We hear lots from the architects and interior designers, but what about the sales managers and marketing experts who link them with products, specifiers and so on? Often, the people working around the industry have professional training in some form of design – including a few of us at Indesign – so we set ourselves the task of getting to know them. 

Innerspace opened a rather special new showroom in Sydney last year, with more celebrations as the design community celebrated it with an opening event. Here’s Luc O’Brien on some of his personal experiences in design.

Tell us a bit about your background and current role.

Luc O’Brien: I started in Hotels, which gave me my love of dealing with people.  I was then in Private practice as a Commercial Interior Designer.  I moved into the furniture industry 15 years ago and have been running projects ever since.  Innerspace is a special place to work, my role is NSW State Manager + Creative Collaborator is also in my title – working with Our A&D Clients to fulfill their project needs. 

What first drew you towards design?

I was rearranging furniture at the age of five. I knew I wanted to be involved in creating special spaces for people. Passion for the way spaces make people feel is in my DNA.

Did you train or work in any other areas of design?

I started in Graphic Design, then moved to Interiors.  

What do you love about furniture design?

Space transformation and the idea of a well-thought piece. Clever nods to form and function.

Do you have any favourite areas of design aside from this?

Architecture, of course! I secretly wish I’d done architecture, though I love the business and furniture side of what I do.

How does your passion help in your day-to-day job, e.g. speaking with customers and clients?

No passion, no purpose!

I strive for dream-realisation and put a lot of energy into what I do. I think my clients trust that and know I’ll see each project through to realisation with gusto.


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