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Delighting in details: What the trendjournal can do for Australian design

Marylou Cafaro’s first trendjournal sparked a powerful, decades-long movement in joinery designs and finishes which eventually saw Australian design develop its independence and characteristic style. Now, polytec offers all-new insights into the future of Australian design.

Delighting in details: What the trendjournal can do for Australian design

Juliet Taylor


November 23rd, 2023

The landscape of Australian design shifted forever in 2008 with the very first trendjournal, written by Marylou Cafaro, which influenced joinery designs and finishes for a decade after its release.

The first trendjournal highlighted overseas joinery trends and styles which would influence Australian designs in the coming years, providing cutting-edge research and resources for consumers to make informed, design-led decisions. Polytec’s 2023 release of the polytec trendjournal Volume One takes this effort a step further, capturing the consequential market shift towards Australian products and designs rather than overseas influences.

This celebration of Australian talent represents a powerful shift in the culture of Australian design, where Australian joinery and finishes have begun to embody a unique sense of personality completely distinct from the trends of overseas designers. The meticulous design process behind Volume One unfolded over a series of months, offering insights curated through the polytec Design Awards and Marylou Cafaro’s seasoned expertise.

Embark on a design odyssey with the polytec trendjournal—an immersive journey through over 300 pages of unparalleled projects, unveiling the essence of joinery trends and designs in the Australian context. Featuring 100% Australian designs and products, the review is a testament to the ingenuity shaping Australia’s design landscape.

For ease of reference, the polytec trendjournal is divided into three sections which analyse the latest and emerging trends in a variety of contexts.

  1. Trends unravels five key style directions—quintessential, simple fusion, naturist, modern nostalgia, and bespoke—guiding architects and designers toward growing trends with universal appeal.
  2. The Interior section embarks on a journey through designs and trends within every corner of homes and commercial spaces alike.
  3. The Design section meticulously dissects forms, textures, colours, features, and details specific to joinery, ensuring its enduring relevance within the design market across the years to come.

The polytec trendjournal’s unique point of difference is its utility as a resource and reference book for inspiration and design solutions. Responding to the growing need for original ideas in the field of joinery, it serves as a beacon for architects and designers to explore a gallery of unique, finished applications and visualise the end product of their design choices.

The polytec trendjournal showcases unique details that redefine possibilities and defy conventional expectations. More than a reflection, it’s a manifesto—an homage to innovation and a testament to the limitless potential within Australian design.

Project: DesignInc Adelaide Studio | Designer/Specifier: DesignInc | Photography: Sam Noonan

Experience Australian design from the unique perspective of the polytec trendjournal. Alternatively, for a hard copy, contact your local polytec sales representative or visit your local polytec Selection Studio.


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