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Indesign is the destination for the informed design professional.

Indesign is the leading resource for the entire design chain.

Indesign is the authority on the professional landscape of architecture and design in Asia Pacific, and beyond. 

For two decades Indesign has investigated, challenged and celebrated our region’s leading architects and designers, the projects that has put us on the world stage, and the products that truly set our region’s design excellence apart. Our team knows there is a point and purpose to everything in design and architecture. We make it our business to explore every aspect of what our best designers are up to, who they are, and how thy do it. And we make it our mission to do it first

Indesign is educational. We inform the design world on the latest happenings, achievements and challenges facing our region’s A+D community.

Indesign is influential. We showcase icons and brands that matter, that perform, that are intelligent. We find the substance in what you do, and broadcast it across the globe. 

Access the global elite of specifiers, architects, developers and end-users all in one place. 


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