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Made only in Horsens, Denmark, VOLA prides itself on its design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship.

Made only in Horsens, Denmark, VOLA prides itself on its design heritage and exceptional craftsmanship.


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Indesign In Focus: Hospitable designs

Friendly and welcoming, hospitably designed products are the epitome of aesthetics and pleasure. In any space, this Indesign In Focus list inspires a pleasing reaction.

Matt White Tap

Exquisite Matt White tapware with VOLA

Crafted exclusively in Denmark, VOLA prides itself with the power of artistry, tradition and timeless design for over five decades with the new Matt White tapware range.

The history and future of tapware: A VOLA Q&A

Birthe Tofting, Director of International Sales and Marketing at VOLA, sits down with Indesignlive to shed a light on the design, history and trends in tapware.

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Indesign In Focus: Aesthetically Appealing Amenities

The bathroom is a special place in the home – a place to unwind, relax, recover, and think. This Indesign In Focus looks at the amenities that help aid this ritual.

Bathrooms via the golden age of Danish design

Danish design has an unmistakable allure, from the simple functionality to the Bauhaus inspired aesthetics, there’s a reason the term in synonymous with good design – and since 1968, Vola has been an inescapable party of that story.

Joint forces: The collabs and latest releases as seen at Saturday Indesign

Collaboration is perhaps one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s and supplier’s arsenal. And where better to release the full power of collaborative creative vision than Saturday in Design? Here we revisit 10 top collaborations from this year’s event.

Head up to City North for Saturday Indesign

We’re counting down the days for Saturday Indesign, find out what’s going on in the City North district to plan your exciting weekend.

Get ready! Announcing our first exhibitors for Saturday Indesign

We are pumped to announce our first group of exhibitors (with more to come) for Saturday Indesign.

The VOLA Academy exterior

The VOLA Academy – solidifying the legacy of Nordic design

Lean, simple and stylish, the beautiful VOLA Academy building reflects the minimalist design and Scandinavian charm of VOLA products.


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