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Commercial flooring that’s functional, attractive, and easy to maintain

Suitable for applications ranging from schools and retail outlets to computer rooms and X-ray suites, Palettone comes in two varieties and a choice of more than fifty colours.

Commercial flooring that’s functional, attractive, and easy to maintain

BMT Factory, WA featuring Polyflor's Palettone Pennyroyal Mint and Palettone Linen Air | Architect/Designer: Best & Co Design | Adrian Tan Photography

Available now, and recommended for high traffic commercial interiors, Palettone is the most extensive range yet from vinyl flooring specialist Polyflor.

Displaying industry-leading levels of durability, wear resistance, and reliability, Palettone flooring also delivers in terms of appearance. As demonstrated in commercial projects around Australia, these surfaces bring with them aesthetic appeal and a capacity to contribute, on their own terms, to broader design aspirations.

In line with industry demand, Palettone flooring is available in two varieties.

BMT Factory, WA featuring Polyflor’s Palettone Pennyroyal Mint and Palettone Linen Air | Architect/Designer: Best & Co Design | Adrian Tan Photography

Palettone PUR

The first of these is Palettone PUR. Slip resistant and available in a sheet format, this product is recommended for a range of commercial applications, including schools, hospitals, retail outlets, and so on.

As per the requirements of such settings, it demonstrates outstanding levels of durability and abrasion resistance. In fact, Palettone PUR achieves the highest abrasion wear rating Group T (EN 660 Part 2), EN ISO 10581 Type I; as well as a Generic A+ rating in major sectors such as health, education, and retail.

On top of that, thanks to its extensive colour range (which includes everything from pale neutrals to bolder options), Palettone provides designers the scope to look beyond the functional.

As demonstrated at the BMT Factory, a Vietnamese food outlet in Perth, it has the capacity to play a role in the broader design narrative. In this case, it helps lend the establishment an unmistakably clean, inviting aesthetic utilising Palettone’s Pennyroyal and Linen Air.

BMT Factory, WA featuring Polyflor’s Palettone Pennyroyal Mint and Palettone Linen Air| Architect/Designer: Best & Co Design | Adrian Tan Photography

Palettone SD

Palettone SD, on the other hand, is designed specifically for applications – like telecommunication facilities, computer rooms, X-ray suites, and operating theatres – in which electrostatic discharge (i.e. the build-up of static electricity) needs to be addressed.

Polyflor - Paletonne PUR and SD

As distinct from conductive floors, which are also often specified in such applications and employ ultra-low resistance to control static electricity, Palettone SD flooring displays static dissipative properties. Engineered to combat electrostatic discharge at its source, it works by facilitating a uniform flow of static electricity directly to the ground point.

Polyflor - Paletonne PUR and SD

Featuring homogeneous construction and properties that are consistent throughout, it is effective and reliable.

Like Palettone PUR, Palettone SD is slip-resistant and available in sheet format. And, also like Palettone PUR, it combines functionality and performance with aesthetic appeal. Available in a choice of six appealing colourways, featuring a solid base colour with complementary toned highlights, it offers architects and designers plenty in terms of design potential.

Cleaning & maintenance

As a further benefit, Palettone also ranks well in terms of cleaning and maintenance requirements. Including high-quality cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, which is V cured to, the flooring can be relied upon for a service life of low-cost, polish free maintenance.

Thanks to Pureflor, also available from Polyflor, the task of cleaning Palettone flooring is a simple one. An eco-friendly hard surface cleaner, Polyflor’s multi-enzyme formula works up to 72 hours after application to break down stains and odours into their basic elements of water and carbon dioxide. In fact, even mineral build-ups fall apart when these enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds it in place.

Available in 5, 10, and 20 litre containers, it helps ensure that Palettone flooring is functional, attractive, and easy to maintain.


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