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The German Alliance: Wilkhahn + COR Team Up To Revolutionise The Commercial Interior

Thanks to Wilkhahn, COR is available throughout Asia Pacific – bringing with it, a new degree of design consideration for the commercial sector’s shifting needs.

The German Alliance: Wilkhahn + COR Team Up To Revolutionise The Commercial Interior

The Cordia Lounge, COR: Available throughout Asia Pacific thanks to Wilkhahn

Yep. ‘The Office’ has changed … irrevocably. 


Here’s what we all know: commercial interiors have become agile and adaptable, evolving into multi-dimensional and multi-functional spaces with more flexibility than ever before. Under new demands – from commercial clients, their employees, and a host of new standards certifications – the A+D world is being tasked with catering for diverse interactions and holistic experiences. To this end, furniture solutions and spatial planning processes must consider the versatility of objects within the space, and consequently the breadth of functional possibilities that such configurations can bring to effect. 


But, tell you something you don’t already know?

… You asked for it!


Like it or loathe it, such radical changes to the process and goal of designing the commercial interior have rewritten what it means to practice design, today. Commercial lease periods are shorter than ever before. Available real estate stock continues to dwindle. The gig economy continues to make in-roads into seemingly every business. Workers want healthiness, productivity, support and fun. Quite a tall order, huh?

What nobody appears to have noticed during this period of ongoing flux in the commercial interior, is the return of personality back into the workplace. And by this, I don’t mean noisome ping-pong tables and astroturf, whacky whats-its and gimmicky tchotchkes. Rather, in creating an environment that is not only good for work, but good for the worker too, we have repositioned the place such environments hold in our lives. Traditionally, the division of labour necessitated the comparable division of living and working environments. Punch cards, time sheets and a relatively low penetration of technology into a highly manual labour force allowed for the line between work and life to remain (practically speaking) mutually exclusive. And yet, the advent of the .com explosion, the succession of globalisation and international trade, e-commerce and more permeable economic and geographic borders have all contributed to shifting expectations and methods of daily professional life. Combine this with today’s high demand for workplaces that promote greater wellbeing and satisfaction and we have a new conceptualisation of ‘the office’ itself: a place where people want – no longer just have – to be.


Work Is Where The Heart Is


Changing expectations of the home and work space is something that is at the very centre of COR – a German furniture studio that, in its own words, “create values in forward-looking design, free of trends and fashions.” In fact, the name gives away as much. COR (derived from the Latin, signifying ‘heart’) recognises that the emotional elevation we demand of our homes has a very important role to play in our workspaces too. 


Aesthetics, purism and the highest finishing quality: furniture from COR has its own, unmistakable lines. We lend stature ­to this principle. It lives in every piece of furniture, wherever ­people appreciate beauty, comfort and functionality. Its secret: the combi­nation of a willingness to innovate and traditional crafts­manship.” – COR.


Bridging the divide, COR is a pioneer of what we now recognise to be the human-centric design movement. Combining the visual language of its designs with the truly heightened experiential aspect – be that through luxurious materials, pinpoint perfect finishing details, a sense of levity in engagement and/or, obviously, a supreme level of comfort – COR designs furniture for emotional connection. 

Since 1954, the brand has been a leader in designing furniture systems to enable this heightened kind of emotional living. In the residential space, COR has undeniably cut a figure for itself across the world, and now with comparable shifts occurring in the commercial sector where design must now create spaces that are not only good but good for you, the brand’s approach to materiality, product development and quality control are colouring workplaces globally. Aware of the flexible environments of workplaces today, COR’s select range of iconic and contemporary pieces elevate the 9-to-5 into the realm of chance encounters, emotional connection, and a sense of luxuriance. After all, whoever said that elegance can’t be an everyday affair? And with the brand’s comprehensive offering of different customisable features for each product – across upholstery and finishes, hardware and spec – everyday elegance now also allows for individual personality to shine through COR’s heritage and contemporary collections.


COR arrives in Asia Pacific


Thanks to its Teutonic cousin, Wilkhahn, COR has been brought across the equator to Asia Pacific – bringing with it, a new level of design thoughtfulness in the commercial and residential landscape. As one of the global industry’s leading lights in contract furniture design, Wilkhahn‘s partnership with COR represents a new turning point for the brand. Following rapid growth throughout Asia Pacific, Wilkhahn is a significant contributor to the success of our region’s combined commercial sector – a success that has in no small degree led to this era being fondly dubbed ‘The Asia Pacific Century’.

Sensitive to the needs of commercial clients, Wilkhahn has recently performed a miraculous feat: European product available on the other side of the world with shockingly short lead times. 


“ Wilkhahn is excited to partner with COR and extend our offering for modern workplace needs.” – Adrian Nicolini, Managing Director of Wilkhahn Asia Pacific.


80 per cent of Wilkhahn product supplied to the Asian market is still manufactured in the brand’s Asia Pacific Regional Headquarters: state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities in Riverwood. Allowing  Wilkhahn to expand across Australia’s east coast and the upper climes of the Asian continent, this centralised hub is not only shrewdly backed by the brand’s comprehensive design offering, but also supported by a high-powered team of sector specialists, steering managers, service and delivery arms that work around-the-clock to elevate the profile and performance of German design for Asia’s unique needs.

Collaborating with local creative talent throughout the region, Wilkhahn necessarily understands that ideas communication is fundamental to the future of design innovation. With this in mind, it is little wonder then that the brand’s new Surry Hills home is coloured by the desire to facilitate the exchange of insights and developments, while also offering the local design community a vital forum to connect and be inspired.

As Wilkhahn‘s wholly complete network of service centres throughout Asia Pacific continues to make strides in reducing lead times and increasing responsiveness to local markets, the brand looks forward to further expansion throughout the Pacific.

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