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“We Will Be The Chicken!”: Power to the people of Hong Kong’s design community

Father and son designers, Winston and Alex Shu, launch a new incubation model for the design community threatened by Hong Kong’s competitive markets and downscaled breakthrough opportunities.

“Well, where do we go from here?”: Winston Shu on designing the Mactan-Cebu International Airport

After edging out stiff competition in the 2019 World Architecture Festival, Winston Shu reflects on 40 years of designing airports and the shifting politics of our “gateways on the world.”

Strategic Design and Creating a Sense of Arrival

If spaces are designed to tell a story – and form, fittings, fixtures and furnishings are the building blocks of its narrative – then the point of entrance is akin to “Once upon a time…”, setting the tone of the journey yet to come.

Reading the zeitgeist

In a world that feels less and less clear-cut, designer Sebastian Herkner upholds a philosophy of the specific that presents us with a cure for identity crisis.

“I Couldn’t Believe It. The Pace & Complexity Is Astounding”: Chris Wilkinson On Sydney’s Urban Future

The city’s most sought-after residences have just reimagined Sydney. But One Barangaroo’s architect, Chris Wilkinson, says “It was a question of bringing the refined, sculptural elegance this great city deserves.”

Designing bricks-and-mortar retail in the digital age: Hecker Guthrie’s showroom for Schiavello

Retail is in a state of flux. Schiavello’s Melbourne showroom, designed by Hecker Guthrie, brings a biophilic response with an architectural sensibility. We take a step inside the 2018 INDE.Awards shortlisted project.

Three cheers For Churchie: How design can support new cognitive behaviours

The Centenary Library at Anglican Church Grammar School (QLD) supports nuanced cognitive behaviour for staff and students alike.

Chin Chin Sydney

Chin Chin puts punk on a plate

With millions of restaurants quite literally at diners’ fingertips, the hospitality stakes are high. So, how do you stand out in the crowd? Chin Chin shows us that a little attitude can go a long way.

Welcome to the beyond: EDITION 2018 is here

Find a world wherein the challenging and contradictory collide. Where allure enjoins surprise. Where beauty beckons the uncommon. Find EDITION.

Instyle at Orgatec 2018.

The Cologne Convo: Australians take over Orgatec 2018

We came out in droves for Orgatec 2018 – the year that Australians dominated the German commercial furniture fair quite unlike ever before.

Design for tomorrow’s gyms: Moving beyond the ‘workout’ into the ‘experience’

“Feel well, be well, eat well, train well, move well, relax well – it’s simple and beautifully harmonious.” Step inside The Well, Bondi.

The ‘sticky campus’… reimagined: Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Industries Precinct suggests that collaboration should come easy.

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