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The many possibilities of designing with timber

From the decorative to the structural, Tasmanian timber is a versatile material that brings more than mere function in its application.

Globally the design and construction industry is experiencing rapid economic growth. So much so that by 2023 it is expected to sit at an estimated US$10.3 trillion. As such, designers and specifiers are opting for materials that offer design flexibility along with durability, sustainability and affordability. 

Find out why timber and Tasmanian Timber, in particular, is the perfect material, along with the wide range of applications it can be used in.

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Tasmanian Timber

For more than a century, Tasmania has been the source of some of the most beautiful and versatile timbers in the world. Tasmania’s vibrant biodiversity and fertile, verdant forests make it ideal for the growth of strong, high quality timber. A significant proportion of timber used in Australia originates from Tasmania.

A number of the most renowned species of timber can be found on the island, including Blackwood, Myrtle, Celery Top Pine and Tasmanian Oak. Tasmanian grown timber has been used for a wide range of applications, from interior design, to furniture and also for structural purposes in all types of construction projects. Tasmanian Timber plays a vital role in Australia supporting sustainable local industries. The Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board seeks to educate designers, architects, furniture makers and specifiers on the broad potential of timber, its many unique characteristics and its substantial environmental benefits.

In pursuit of this, Tasmanian Timber is providing two free masterclasses. Aimed at anyone selecting and specifying their timber products, this seminar covers the species of timber from Tasmania and their source of supply, major characteristics and product range, followed by discussion on essential detailing and specification practice for major architectural applications.

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