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Metrix Group unveils a glimpse into the future

Melbourne’s busy Queen Street was home to an exclusive sneak peak into the future of architectural design with the Metrix Group. Relive the highlights on Indesignlive.

Metrix Group unveils a glimpse into the future

September 7 saw worlds collide as architects and designers from around the nation converged for an ‘unVeiled’ preview into a future where design knows no bounds, and innovation is key. It’s a future that promises to transform the very essence of architectural aesthetics, and Metrix Group intends to deliver.

For a crowd of almost 100 attendees including architects, artists, Metrix team members and industry specialists, Metrix – an Australian titan in bespoke architectural solutions – showcased its latest creations: 3D artform® and MotionPerf®.

The 3D artform® promises to usher in a new era of texture, dappled light, shadow play, and illusion within architectural design capable of adding new levels of depth and character to projects. However, MotionPerf® was not to be outperformed, providing onlookers with a revelation activated by their own movements, captivating all with its mesmerising interplay of form and function.

Infusing bespoke art and design into stationary facades, Metrix has built a strong reputation for movement and engagement which transforms an in-person experience into an intellectual journey.

But the ‘unVeiled’ preview was about more than the products; it was an immersive experience from start to finish. Each attendee was welcomed with a specially designed and anodised lanyard, offered in their choice of six unique colours, setting the tone for a vibrant evening.

Eight main sample displays waited to greet the guests inside, including the impressive 2.4-metre-wide Metrixgram media wall which expressed 3D artform® at its finest. Inspired by the playful forms of Metrix’s 3D artform® and facades, Long Prawn’s catering was a thematic delight. Adorning the Sculptform Studio, where the event was hosted, were 20 additional A3 samples, punchings, and tooling, inviting guests to take a step closer in the name of exploration and interaction.

These new products are backed by cutting-edge research, development and planning and complement Metrix’s extensive perforated metal range.

Metrix Group

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