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The 4 Secrets Of The Perfect Boardroom

Your boardroom is the hub of decision making, the place where we choose to wow our clients, and it’s no wonder that it’s the heart of every office.

  • Renault Boardroom: Krost's Conti Table

  • Nude by Nature Boardroom: Krost's Dart Table and Zorro Chair

  • Using natural light in your boardroom

  • Using natural light in your boardroom

  • Ferrari Boardroom

  • Ferrari Boardroom

  • Ferrari Boardroom

  • Krost's Dart Table and Sax Chairs

  • Benitec Biopharma's Boardroom

  • Krosts Globe Sliding Cupboard and Planter

When it comes to the office collaborative space, intelligent design is vital. Furniture, lighting, colour, balance, function, technology and practicality are all key issues that have to be considered in the design process. But what is the savvy design-thinking that makes the perfect boardroom?

… Well, here’s the low-down!

1 – Functionality is always key.

The modern boardroom has a multitude of uses, from collaborative meetings between co-workers to conferences, job interviews, presentations and introductions to prospective clients. Because of this, the perfect boardroom needs to be versatile and multi-functional. The classic rectangular table, whilst a traditional choice for many businesses may not be the best fit for your company. Round or modular tables are often a good option for conference and collaborative spaces, allowing for an equalized environment and the ability for all co-workers to communicate effectively. If your business commonly communicates with different offices and external clients regularly, video conferencing, acoustic screens and audio technology are a worthy investment into the space.

In the Nude by Nature HQ (above), the team at Krost supplied their Round Dart Meeting Table paired with the Zorro Chair as the centrepiece for a impressive boardroom. Valuing ease of movement, modular design and ultimate flexibility, this is a boardroom that eschews the standard corporate stuffiness we’ve all come to recognise today as a little old-hat and (…dare I say it…) daggy. Speaking to Nude by Nature’s earthiness, the natural tones of the Round Dart Meeting Table turned out to be a perfect customised solution for the brand. Thanks to Krost’s local manufacturing facilities, all table tops in their vast range can be customised to any shape, size, colour and finish to suit a multitude of needs and brand profiles. And, while the demand for smart integrated tech remains an important addition to the modern workspace, customised options for power boxes with various outlets within the table top marries seamlessly with a host of cable management systems to ensure that boardroom tables connect with AV systems and any number of computers. Such tech integration concerns were also central to Renault’s latest Melbourne offices (pictured above), with the addition of Executive Power Boxes in their Conti Boardroom Table.

2 – Branding can empower your service … AND wow your clients.

The boardroom is often one of the first impressions a client will have of your company, so adhering to your brand is vital. Think about what your company represents; are you modern, classic, traditional, collaborative, minimalistic, rustic, sleek, colourful or modern? Take note of this and let your creative side take over. When it comes to video conferencing and client meetings, the boardroom is often the only office space the client sees so make it scream success. If you’re looking to present your company as creative and modern, why not ditch the traditional wooden table and go for a coloured one? The small details matter so think about what it is you want to say to your clientele. The ability to customise a wide range of melamine and textured melamine finishes across a suite of products allows companies to marry brand image to bricks and mortar presence. Ferrari, for instance, (above) carried their red and white brand colours throughout the entire office including boardrooms. With Krost’s Conti Boardroom Tables, customised in a red veneer polyurethane top, design teams opted to add integrated power boxes for optimum connnectivity, and trounce off the ensemble with bright white Sax Chairs redolent of the Ferrari logo colouring.

3 – Lighting is the ultimate mood-setter. Whether closing a deal or solving problems, lighting will guide the way.

Ever been to a long meeting in dimmed light and felt yourself getting sleepy? Lighting plays a huge role in the way in which your employees and clients absorb information. If possible, use natural lighting through a full window wall. If you aren’t able to make use of the natural light then illuminate the room using bright, high quality lighting. By using the appropriate lighting your workers and clientele won’t find themselves dozing off and will have a higher engagement level. It’s also been proven to positively affect mood, motivation and overall well-being. Whether your clients prefer a more natural light aesthetic (pictured above), or seek to add a bit of drama to their boardroom areas, intelligent lighting selection – see the Benitec Biopharma Offices (above) – remains key to ensuring both that you set a mood to generate focus and engagement, yet also remain aligned to the central ethos of a brand.

4 – Colour brings life into an otherwise lifeless space. Don’t be afraid to display the ‘true colours’ of your brand, (as it were).

Furthering on from lighting affecting one’s mood, colour also plays a huge role in employee performance. It has been shown that low-wavelength colours such as blue and green positively affect people’s motivation, clarity, creativity and mood. Why not add splashes of colour into your storage solutions and furniture or even through the use of indoor plants? It has been found that incorporating greenery into the office not only heightens mood and creativity but also improves air-quality. Breathe easy with this quick solution to a dull, lifeless boardroom is the inclusion of planters and indoor ferns. Once again, the team at Krost celebrate those customisable options that really allow your clients to bring their brand profile directly through their workplace design. All Krost steel storage solutions (such as their Globe Mobile Pedestal and Caddies, filing systems, lockers and storage solutions pictured above) can be powder coated in an enormous array of colours to add life and the all-important pop of colour to our clients’ boardrooms. In particular, their Trak system can be incorporated into tables (or even the accenting Globe Planters can be added to storage systems) to infuse a burst of colour and bring rejuvenating plant life into any number of spaces throughout our working areas.

To see the complete range of design solutions that will revolutionise boardrooms across the country, visit the Krost Showroom or grab yourself a copy of their latest 2017 catalogue.

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