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Is there a ‘secret’ to sitting? Do you know the latest ergonomic innovations? We ask the experts: Humanscale

Thanks to advances in technology and new working behaviours taking place across the world, the discipline of ergonomics continues to evolve. Here we talk to the ergonomic experts at Humanscale Consulting to find out how improved ergonomics is creating a new culture of best practice.

Meet the ergonomic experts at Humanscale Ergonomics Consulting:


Since 1983, Humanscale has been recognised as a global thought leader in ergonomic design for improving health and comfort at work. Availing of the expertise of their in-house team of designers and ergonomists, Humanscale’s broad catalogue of ergonomic solutions includes self-adjusting seating, monitor arms, task lighting, and sit/stand desks.

The range of products has garnered significant acclaim worldwide, evidenced in over 200 design awards since 2007 and the inclusion of selected products in New York’s MoMA.

Driven by a desire to devise new, innovative answers to old questions, Humanscale puts user needs first. By championing a simple, attitudinal approach to ergonomics that embraces technology and collaboration in the workplace, the company ensures the design of healthy, productive, future-proof workspaces.

Humanscale recognises the importance of developing holistic ergonomics schemes and offering workplace ergonomics training, and as such does not promote their products as a total ergonomics solution. Instead, Humanscale encourages companies to design ‘The Active Workspace’, which incorporates movement at various points throughout the workday and underscores the importance of adjustability and flexibility.

Humanscale is keenly attuned to the unique demands of the contemporary workplace, as evidenced in their range of adjustable task chairs. Responding intuitively to the weight and size of individual users, the meticulously designed task chairs bring a much-needed element of ergonomic management to increasingly popular hot-desking and flexible work arrangements. Task chairs from Humanscale combine comfort, safety, and clear, uncluttered design, allowing comprehensive adjustability without complex buttons, levers, or switches.

This attitude of simple, effortless efficiency is evident throughout the Humanscale range, particularly in its computer stands and worktops. Designed to target the risks of today’s largely sedentary, tech-driven workplaces, the company’s extensive range of sit/stand products provides unrivalled flexibility and adjustability.

Streamlined technology allows for the fast, responsive adjustment of worktop heights at the push of a button, granting workers new freedom to customise their workspace to best suit their individual requirements.

In 2002, Humanscale bolstered their diverse product offering with the establishment of Humanscale Consulting, an in-house ergonomics service. Formed with the goal of enhancing effective ergonomics programs implementation within the commercial sector, the consultancy has improved ergonomic work efficiency for over 2000 organisations, including a number of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Founded on the belief that improved ergonomics training and assessment can empower individuals to access greater wellbeing, Humanscale’s Ergonomic Consultants are on a mission to create a new culture of best practice in design: everyday ergonomics.


To find out more about the Humanscale Ergonomics Consulting journey, watch their Everyday Ergonomics series here.

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