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Now in the final days of the NESCAFÉ Azera Project, Sophia Watson goes behind the scenes with designer Jacob Pemble.



April 15th, 2014

As a furniture designer and maker, Pemble is interested in sustainability and recycling – ideas that are inherently based on ‘evolution’. Here, Pemble has addressed the brief with a singular product aimed at “bringing people together with sustainable design.”


Coffee is a connecting force that often signifies social engagement over the shared experience of drinking coffee. Coffee then, is considered a catalyst for social interaction. Specifics not withstanding, Pemble has taken this basic principle and fused it with the idea of recycling so to capture the brief of ‘evolution’ with sociability.


Timber furniture is Pemble’s bread and butter, so the task of manipulating glass and metal presented him with an interesting challenge. “The two week lead time meant that I didn’t have time to contract a metal or glass worker, so I asked a few colleagues who are familiar with metal and glass to give me some advice on how to work with the materials. It was really great to have the chance to experiment with something different and outside my discipline.”


Without spoiling the unveiling, Pemble’s reaction to the evolution theme is a fascinating intersection between ‘sustainability’ and ‘culture’. Here, the product’s function is indicative of interactivity and people coming together, and the materials used represent recycling and reuse – the evolutionary aspect of the project.

He explains: “I wanted to create something that people could potentially emulate; inspiring users to engage with upcycling or recycling old products and artifacts.”

Tune in for the live unveiling Tuesday 15th April, and vote for the ‘People’s Choice Award’ here: facebook.com/nescafeanz


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