Buro brings you style and ergonomics with Konfurb and Buro Seating branded furniture.

Inspired by the best of international design, Konfurb by Buro, brings style, quality and sustainability into a desirable range of commercial furniture, catering to the discerning needs of the commercial fit out market. We have the expertise to advise the very best solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our Buro Seating branded ergonomic office chairs deliver the very best of workplace ergonomics. To us, a chair is so much more than a chair. It’s a statement. How it looks – its lines, the elan of its contours, its colours, fabrics and textures – all elements that combine for style and cool.

And how it feels – when you sit on that chair is a moment of truth. The effortless grace and supportive strength that distinguishes a quality thoroughbred chair from the rest of the herd. You might think we dream of nothing but seating. We’re only human.

That’s why we collaborate with our European designers and integrate into our chairs the very best in world class seating design and engineering.

Buro is a leading wholesaler of quality ergonomic furniture in Australia and New Zealand. With over 25 years of experience designing, manufacturing and wholesaling commercial seating, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what makes a truly great chair – one that feels as good as it looks.

With offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland and Christchurch; and a network of resellers throughout Australia and New Zealand, we are committed to providing a service that exceeds your expectations.

As a seating specialist we offer:
• An extensive range covering virtually all commercial seating.
• Specialist Account Managers.
• A dedicated Product Training Manager.
• Ongoing product design, development and manufacturing.
• The ability to customise to meet your specific requirements.

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Inspired by the best of international design, Konfurb by Buro, brings style, quality, ergonomics and sustainability into a desirable range of commercial seating, catering to the discerning needs of the commercial fit out market. We have the expertise to advise the very best solutions to meet your specific requirements.


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Leading the field in terms of ergonomics, this high-end office furniture from Buro is also designed with the evolving needs of the modern workplace in mind.

Mac Stopa’s design mastery: The Konfurb Orbit chair by Buro

Renowned designer Mac Stopa’s latest creation, the Konfurb Orbit, strikes the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. We delve into the unique features and design choices which make it all possible.

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The workplace can be organised according to four foundational space typologies. But how do we maximise the ergonomics of each?

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Explore the radical new organisation strategy which accommodates for the hybrid future of work.

Advanced Ergonomics: Inside the Quiet Design Language of the Konfurb Sense

Featuring award-winning design, sustainable materials and unique aesthetics, this ground-breaking new office chair by Buro Seating is a masterpiece of ergonomics in action.

Designing hybrid offices that work

With many offices now shifting to accommodate flexible working, three distinct spaces have emerged to support new hybrid working models – each with their own unique seating requirements.

Flexibility is the key in this new digital technology education space

Durable and adaptable seating creates dynamic teaching and learning environments at the new Centre for Creative Industries at St Andrew’s Lutheran College.

Saint Kentigern Boys’ School enhances learning through design

The new Specialist Facility at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School features carefully selected design elements and flexible seating solutions from Buro Seating that inspire focus, creativity and collaboration.

Agile design in the age of hybrid work

Buro Seating navigates the blurred lines between work and home with the Konfurb range of flexible seating solutions.

A close up of Buro's white ergonomic Konfurb Fly Sled Chairs.

Furnishing with perfection: A lesson from Villanova College

Furniture is the crowning factor of a well planned and architecturally designed project. When Villanova Boy’s School was completed, they looked to ARKI Environments to help them prioritise furniture aesthetics and spatial flexibility in line with the building’s architectural design intent.

Ergonomic seating drives wellness in education settings

BVN employs an enhanced focus on customisation along with state-of-the-art ergonomics, realised by Buro Seating, in the refit of MLC school, in Sydney.

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