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Advanced Ergonomics: Inside the Quiet Design Language of the Konfurb Sense

Featuring award-winning design, sustainable materials and unique aesthetics, this ground-breaking new office chair by Buro Seating is a masterpiece of ergonomics in action.

Advanced Ergonomics: Inside the Quiet Design Language of the Konfurb Sense

Office chairs are the unsung heroes of the nine-to-five. Comfortable chairs with intelligent, supportive designs result in happier (and healthier) employees.

Uncomfortable chairs can lead to a myriad of health problems down the line, especially after prolonged use. This is why ergonomics is so important; an office chair informed by knowledge of the human body can help to protect individuals from back, neck and shoulder pain as well as more subtly related problems such as poor circulation, digestive problems and increased fatigue.

The Konfurb Sense is a stylish and sustainable alternative to the traditional office chair. Produced by creative world-leaders ITO Design Switzerland, this top of the range chair has some of the most innovative lumbar technology in the world. Two discrete lumbar support pads provide flexible, personalised comfort.

Advanced ergonomics and a commitment to sustainability make the Konfurb Sense the perfect chair for workspace fit-outs. This award-winning design has been endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The Konfurb Sense was awarded two prestigious awards in 2021, a Red Dot Award Winner and iF Design Award.

The majority of lumbar support takes the form of a simple horizontal piece which runs along the back of the chair. The Konfurb Sense redefines normal. The Lumbar support is split on both sides, creating a unique gap which allows for extra support to run lower than usual, protecting the often over-looked lower back against unnecessary strain. The chair also features a synchro mechanism which encourages natural body movement, designed to improve musculoskeletal comfort and promote better circulation.

To top it off, the synchronised seat and back tilt mechanism allows the user to move fluidly through a range of different positions. Once the desired position has been found, it can be locked in. This gives you the freedom to stretch and try new positions as the day goes by, avoiding the fatigue of holding one position for a prolonged period of time. The adjustable features of the Konfurb Sense give you control over your own health and wellbeing. Take a look at the video below for an outline of the many intuitive ergonomic characteristics.

 In its default position, the Konfurb Sense seat is relatively flat, set at zero degrees. This is in accordance with the latest ergonomic principles, allowing for a forward slope of the thighs of around 10 degrees. The synchro seat and backrest tilt gives an extra 3-degree forward seat tilt to ensure that every possible angle is covered.

Buro Seating - Konfurb Sense

A true all-rounder, the chair’s tilt limiter can be engaged at will – giving you the option to customise the chair position so that you can switch between postures that are best suited for meetings, presentations, interviews or the regular work day.

Not only does the Konfurb Sense provide a superb show of sleek modern aesthetics – it is also constructed entirely from sustainable materials. The Konfurb Sense is GREENGUARD Gold certified. It is made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and marks a giant leap forward in the arena of sustainable furniture design.

Buro Seating

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