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Ergonomic seating drives wellness in education settings

BVN employs an enhanced focus on customisation along with state-of-the-art ergonomics, realised by Buro Seating, in the refit of MLC school, in Sydney.

Ergonomic seating drives wellness in education settings

An innovative design process that focuses on adaptability and inclusive learning was the driving force behind the award-winning renovation of the Methodist Ladies College in Sydney. With BVN design studio at the helm, the development of the new Senior School is the result of extensive and in-depth research about the needs of students and staff in the context of contemporary education settings.

This modern learning environment spans four floors and encompasses various settings that reflect the functional character of the facility while prioritising the comfort and wellness of those using the space. Whether it’s a private study, a science lab or a theatre, each area of the school is fitted out with cutting-edge equipment and furniture that promotes healthy outcomes and provides convenient learning opportunities.

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring Konfurb Fly Sled Chair

Considered choice of seating was paramount to generating surroundings that promote well-being and comfort while enabling adaptability and inclusivity. Following robust product testing and end-user simulations, Buro Seating products – renowned for their excellent ergonomics and customisation capabilities – were specified in numerous areas of the new facility.

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring Konfurb Fly Sled Chair

Designed to mirror the human body and seamlessly respond to its needs, the Konfurb Fly Sled chair is featured prominently throughout the Senior School. The flexible polypropylene shell of the seat ensures comfort while providing a high level of durability – sought after in an educational environment. The chair’s streamlined silhouette flawlessly blends in with the sophisticated, industrial aesthetic of the space. It also livens it up with the vibrant hues of red and blue that contrast the predominantly neutral shades of the surrounding interiors. The chair is also stackable and can be adapted to a range of different configurations.

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring Konfurb Fly Sled Chair

Alongside Konfurb Fly Sled seating, the project team selected Konfurb Star Family and Konfurb Fly Table to create inviting set-ups in the open-plan break-out areas. The modular range comprises various seating options, ranging from high-back seats to ottomans, and promotes collaboration, individual learning and spontaneous interactions in equal measures. In addition, its modularity makes it incredibly easy to alter the set-up as and when needed, while the heavy-duty frame offers comfort and stability. The Konfurb Fly Table, an intuitive and practical addition to the break-out spaces, further highlights the flexibility of the range thanks to its adjustable feet glides.

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring Konfurb Fly Sled Chair

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring Konfurb Star & Fly Table

Lastly, in other areas of the school, the design team specified ProEd Quest Cantilever – a Buro Seating product designed explicitly with students in mind. The chair boasts a strong cantilever frame and, mirroring the flagship Konfurb Fly Sled, features the polypropylene shell for added comfort. The upholstered seat and the optional 3D mounting mechanism that allows freedom of movement make even extended periods of sitting much more bearable.

Featuring a selection of sophisticated seating designed for the utmost comfort and adaptability, Methodist Ladies College’s state-of-the-art interiors set the precedent for an educational facility that strives to position well-being, inclusivity and spatial responsiveness at the heart of their design decisions.

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring ProEd Quest Cantilever

MLC School NSW | Architect: BVN | featuring ProEd Quest Cantilever

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