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Illuminating space with KLIK Systems

Offering designers a smorgasbord of architectural lighting solutions, KLIK Systems now offer elegant wet-rated LED linear lighting solutions, granting designers flexibility in both internal and external applications.

Illuminating space with KLIK Systems

Providing bespoke lighting solutions for any architectural project, KLIK Systems is a name synonymous with excellence. As an Australian owned linear lighting manufacturer, KLIK Systems has delivered high quality linear light fittings for over 40 years. Their project portfolio covers a wide cross section of industry sectors including health care, commercial offices, educational facilities, transport interchanges, retail and laboratories.

Boasting a suite of architectural lighting products that fuse practicality and style, KLIK Systems offer a high level of customisation. In-house engineers, testing and manufacturing technologies allow custom specification across colour finish, colour temperature, colour rendering, lumen output, mounting methods and more.

These impressive in house technologies have given KLIK Systems the ability to continually innovate. Case in point – the recent introduction of a resin encapsulation system branded AKWA. Made possible by in-house resin encapsulation machines, the integration of AKWA within KLIK Systems’ sleek linear lighting ranges, means that designers can specify for a variety of applications whilst assured of the designs longevity and utility.

Innovative and elegant – LED Linear Lighting

AKWA seamlessly integrates within KLIK’s minimalist linear LED lighting system EKKO. A robust and ultra efficient linear system, EKKO is aesthetically elegant. Possessing discrete aluminium profiles, it is available in surface mount or recessed models. EKKO allows for continuous dot free illumination by use of blind couplings to join lengths. The option of full-resin encapsulation widens EKKO’s application. The wet-rated system, EKKO AKWA, is now suitable for external and wet-area spaces. As such, this new range is ideal for spaces where visual impact, high performance and functionality are of the utmost importance.

Resin encapsulation is also available across the KALLI integrated range of linear LED architectural products. KALLI systems, as pictured below, are highly customisable featuring modern aluminium profiles. Optional full resin encapsulation within the EKKO and KALLI systems ensures bug free luminaries, guaranteeing unimpeded illumination.

Versatile yet simple – LED Handrail Lighting

Looking to KLIK Systems’ other collections, sees products that are suitable for a multitude of locales – irrespective of climate or landscape. Whyalla Jetty, located on the Eyre Peninsula on the coast of South Australia, features bespoke lighting installed in the balustrade that runs the entire circumference and length of the jetty.

After the previous 122m long jetty was destroyed by fire, the jetty was rebuilt and extended by Maritime Constructions. Driven in part by the local community, the new jetty’s design features a unique circular shape, a loop, that is made all the more impressive at night by the installation of KLIK Systems’ LEDpod. The LEDpod 50 was recessed into the handrail at 500mm intervals to achieve light uniformity. The patented LEDpod system is a versatile light pod, ideal for cylindrical, curved or square handrails. Retaining clasps and snap fit installation ensures easy mounting. LEDpod’s most enticing feature, however, is its option of symmetric or asymmetric light distribution. Designed to throw light where needed, it negates the need to tilt the handrail, eliminating unwanted glare.

The Whyalla project is a spectacular example of lighting design that elevates a designers concept, whilst providing practical and safe illumination for the end user. As night falls, the Whyalla Jetty is enveloped in a warm glow – its futuristic loop now a showpiece of the Whyalla foreshore. 

LEDpod light engines are also incorporated into KLIK Systems’ MISTIK lighting models. Small and unobtrusive, they are well suited for mounting to balustrades, stanchions, facades, architectural steel and landscaping elements.  

Discreet and flexible – LED Downlighting

Interior spaces and architectural design features can be elevated further by KLIK’s LEDpod XL LED downlighting range.  Able to be installed in both flat and curved surfaces of any thickness, this discreet recessed downlight supports designers creatively.

Eliminating the need for external conduits and junction boxes, LEDpod XL’s petite form ensures clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. As accent lighting or a primary light source, LEDpod XL can be installed almost anywhere; within the hollow structural elements of buildings, facades or overhead walkway structures.

KLIK Systems exhaustive and innovative collection of architectural lighting systems supports creativity –  giving architects, designers and specifiers flexibility in design. KLIK’s highly customisable products lend themselves to elegant impactful lighting statements. Their new resin encapsulation technology ensures the longevity of these visual design statements, no matter the application.

Explore KLIK’s linear and wet-rated linear lighting systems, EKKO and EKKO AKWA, and see first hand howvinnovative system features and resin encapsulation can facilitate lighting design that is both subtle and stunning.

KLIK Systems 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW EKKO AKWA – An impressive new KLIK Systems range of resin encapsulated linear LED architectural lighting.



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