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Time woven into art: Gavin Harris’ new Circadian collection of rugs

Inspired by the flow of time and its profound impact on our surroundings, interior and product designer Gavin Harris unveils his latest collection — Circadian with Designer Rugs.

Time woven into art: Gavin Harris’ new Circadian collection of rugs

Wavelength by Gavin Harris for Designer Rugs.

Brought to life in collaboration with Designer Rugs, Circadian is a medley of four original designs, each rug narrating a unique tale of time’s influence on movement and change. Like a master weaver, Harris has skilfully woven the threads of his artistic vision into a tangible form, crafting an experience that is as transformative as time itself.

With over a quarter century’s experience and a portfolio filled with highly acclaimed collections like Mindscape (2016) and Circular Logic (2020), Harris is firmly cemented as one of Australia’s leading interior designers. 

Calendar Stone.

Much like a well-executed rug pattern, his design journey is a testament to the power of creativity, resilience, and innovation. As Harris puts it, “I love the design process; I mainly draw in markers, starting with maybe a direction of line, and then developing this over several drawings… Seeing the final rug, once produced from that humble start, is always an amazing feeling and experience.”

Each rug within the Circadian collection is hand tufted in New Zealand wool and meticulously hand-carved to emulate the eternal dance between time and transformation.

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Calendar Stone.

‘Calendar Stone’ is a circular rug with an intricate geometric design. Here, Harris explores the concept of individuals merging into a common person by connection – an ode to the interconnectedness of life. 

‘Polaris’ another circular rug with a unique cut-out design, is a graphic representation of the joinery and interlocking visuals of machinery through history.


The ‘Sundial’, which is square in form, represents the development of interlocking times and how seasons evolve, and the gradual ticking of time though a year to mark another milestone. 

‘Wavelength’ (pictured first) is a square rug with beveled corners that evokes movement and its impact through space, how elements change throughout time and the energy.


Much like its namesake, the Circadian collection speaks to the rhythm of life – the constant change and movement dictated by the passage of time. The collection graces your space with its design and sparks a reflection on our journey through the ever-turning wheel of time.

The designs may be custom sized, shaped, and coloured, making them a versatile choice for any interior — commercial or residential. For Harris, each rug is more than just a product – it is the culmination of a journey, a story woven into every thread, bringing a poetic dance of design and time into interior space.

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