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Circular Logic: Gavin Harris’s new collection for Designer Rugs

“I like the circular form – it’s soft but controlled.” In collaboration with Designer Rugs, Gavin Harris pushes the geometric and creative boundaries of a circle.

For Australian designer, Gavin Harris, the circular form is more than what meets the eye. With a deep fascination for shapes, colours and their power to inspire and enrich our experiences of the everyday, Harris sees endless possibilities of creativity and expression in the organic simplicity of a circle.

With over three decades of experience as a commercial interior designer, Harris has established himself as one of Australia’s leading creatives with an extensive portfolio of some of the industry’s most extraordinary projects to date.

From ideation to realisation and everything in between, Harris’ prominence lies in his ability to develop new experiences and future spaces in which people can work, learn and live. Deeply instilled in his everyday practice is his passion for product design – a passion that has driven him to explore, learn and grow from different areas and fields of design work and this year, we welcome his new collection with Designer Rugs, Circular Logic.

Designed as an evolution of his first collection, Mindscape, Circular Logic delves deep into the concept of circle – exploring its ability to connect, repel or overlap, and push boundaries.

“I like the circular form – it’s soft but controlled, and it can sit with other elements comfortably,” Harris explains. “It has an innately human link – it is a lovely shape to touch and has a welcoming feel. It’s part of our daily life, in the sun, moon and stars.”

The vibrant, new collection examines the expressive nature of a simple, universal shape. In each design, every line is carefully and meticulously hand carved, resulting in a sharpness and visual flair that the geometric designs deserve. The designs also combine different pile heights for an added three-dimensional interest, creating a striking interplay of shadows, colour and texture.

The sweeping circular forms of Circular Logic are matched by the playful and bright colour palette. The references to 80’s nostalgia in the joyous bright colours create a welcoming effect, yet the designs are more than simply an 80’s throwback – they are modern, striking, and designed with the expertise that three decades in the design industry brings.

“I love colour and lean towards more bright, strong and deep hues – they create interest and challenge our thoughts,” says Harris. “With this collection I wanted to explore how I could dilute this desire I have with colours, while still explore relations within colours and how they link to our memory.”

Circular Logic is more than just a visually appealing collection. The Designer Rugs team hand tuft the rugs using premium New Zealand wool – known for its naturally white colour, superior dye performance, high durability, and soft feel.

When Harris was designing the individual styles, versatility was an important factor, with the final collections lending themselves easily to both homes and commercial spaces alike. “For me, rugs add texture to a space, creating a feeling of softness and being welcomed into that room,” says Harris. “It lets your eye relax, but also can direct you to take in the room and its elements.”

Available now from Designer Rugs, all four designs can be custom sized, shaped and coloured to suit any interior space.

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