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For over thirty years Designer Rugs have complimented the aesthetics of residential homes and commercial spaces throughout the world with rugs of exceptional quality and unique designs.

By working in collaboration with leading Australian artists and designers, we strive to innovate and put design at the forefront of what we do. As a result, we have earned an outstanding reputation for producing unique and custom made rugs for both residential and commercial spaces.

What sets us apart is our in-house rug design service that’s open to anyone – from homeowners to top design professionals worldwide – for a unique product that’s handmade with a deep concern for professionalism and quality. Our team of designers and experts are all incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the rugs we create and the legacy we carry.

We have showrooms throughout Australia and New Zealand, but you can find our rugs in beautiful homes, hotels and workplaces all over the world. We also carry a large range of ready made rugs, available for immediate delivery for short lead time projects, in a wide variety of styles, influences and sizes.

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Designer Rugs is Australia’s leading rug company, specialising in handmade custom rugs and carpets for both residential and commercial interiors.

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Time woven into art: Gavin Harris’ new Circadian collection of rugs

Inspired by the flow of time and its profound impact on our surroundings, interior and product designer Gavin Harris unveils his latest collection — Circadian with Designer Rugs.

Communication, collaboration, and respect

Whilst unauthorised and inappropriate use of Indigenous designs and cultural appropriation are real and on-going problems, this white paper explains how reputable manufacturers, such as Designer Rugs, are addressing them.

This hotel is an ode to maximalist bohemian luxury

Designer Rugs joined a team of creatives to transform a heritage Edwardian building into a whimsical paradise.

Design, durability, and pulling power in retail design

In collaboration with Designer Rugs, this whitepaper explores how high-quality, well-designed rugs and carpeting are helping bring the shoppers back.

Lights and glamour: Catherine Martin’s new collection revealed in theatrical fashion

In the most glamorous of celebrations, famed film, stage and interior designer, Catherine Martin revealed her magnificent rug and textile collections with Designer Rugs and Mokum.

Designer Rugs

Read and learn: rugs for libraries and education settings

In collaboration with Designer Rugs, we explore the role of flooring in well designed educational projects and the benefits of specifying rugs in school, library or university projects.

Context and connection to land: Hot Black’s ANZ offices

There’s a great story behind the eye-popping 50-square-metre tufted rug which features in the magnificent atrium of ANZ Sydney. And it all comes back to people, culture and connection to land.

Spectacularly sui generis: Step into the rich world of Markian’s rug collection

An apt articulation of Markian’s bold design language, this striking range of hand-made and hand-tufted rugs intertwines the multidimensionality of VIEIRA, brand’s inaugural collection, with the refined materiality of wool, bamboo fibre and cashmere goat hair.

Tappeti marks 15 years of weaving future-forward art

For 15 years Tappeti has been giving interior designers and architects a medium to complete their beautification of space.

We highly recommend you keep watching this space

Bold and unexpected, Markian has recently burst onto our local design radar. And so far, we’re remarkably impressed by what the design brand has to offer.

No longer memories past: Woods Bagot’s Next Hotel Melbourne

Woods Bagot serves up the nostalgia of ‘now’ at Melbourne’s new Next Hotel.

Circular Logic: Gavin Harris’s new collection for Designer Rugs

“I like the circular form – it’s soft but controlled.” In collaboration with Designer Rugs, Gavin Harris pushes the geometric and creative boundaries of a circle.

We need to talk about delivering fit for purpose

The onus is on architects and designers to create places and spaces that are suitably fit for purpose, even if final say over a project’s FF&E schedule is not.

Wildlife Retreat, Hotel Design

Grounded Luxury: The role of rugs in hotel design

The modern hotel experience is not what it used to be. Design, ergonomics and lived experiences inform all aspects of hotels, with everything from check-in to the pillows you sleep on driving a human-centric model of hospitality. With the help of Designer Rugs, we find out more.

Infinite creativity with Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy

For over three decades, Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs are constantly celebrated as one of Australia’s most iconic design duo. In collaboration with Designer Rugs, they unveil the latest rug collection, ‘Olsen + Ormandy.’

2020 and the Future of Design and Architecture

With a new decade dawning, we caught up with Yosi Tal – Managing Director of Designer Rugs, to discuss where the industry has been, where it’s going and how Designer Rugs plans to stay in front of the pack.

Strategic Design and Creating a Sense of Arrival

If spaces are designed to tell a story – and form, fittings, fixtures and furnishings are the building blocks of its narrative – then the point of entrance is akin to “Once upon a time…”, setting the tone of the journey yet to come.

From Ice-Creams to Pixelated Sunsets: Evolve Awards 2019 Custom Rug Design Winners Announced

From the rich warmth of a pixelated sunset or ethereal otherworldly shapes, to designs inspired by the act of turning a page of a book or even an ice cream – this year’s Evolve Awards were all about patient craft, adventurous spirit, thoughtful geometry and finding inspiration in the most surprising places.

Carousel 1

A colour carnival: Carousel by Designer Rugs

An exploration of geometry and colour, the newest collection from Designer Rugs is reimagining the way we think about rugs.

A Nordic-themed party for Designer Rugs’ Norse collection launch

Take a look at some of the best moments from the scintillating launch party of Designer Rugs’ new collection – Norse by Anna-Carin McNamara.

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