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Spectacularly sui generis: Step into the rich world of Markian’s rug collection

An apt articulation of Markian’s bold design language, this striking range of hand-made and hand-tufted rugs intertwines the multidimensionality of VIEIRA, brand’s inaugural collection, with the refined materiality of wool, bamboo fibre and cashmere goat hair.

Spectacularly sui generis: Step into the rich world of Markian’s rug collection

Evoking the rich palette of experiences, emotions and impressions that is undeniably brought by the act of travel, VIEIRA’s leading scallop motif – encountered by Roz de Waal, Markian’s Design Director, throughout her excursions – defines the cohesive expression of all of the collection’s elements.

Its round, engaging and welcoming edge determines the silhouettes of table, seating and storage designs – with its alluring shape also woven into the beautifully curated selection of rugs. The range comprises Designer Rugs and Tretford Rugs – and each product brings VIEIRA’s highly-resolved articulation to life differently.

Markian Rug Collection

The outcome of a collaboration with Designer Rugs, the unquestionable leader in the field of handmade rugs, the new Designer Rugs for Markian range draws inspiration not only from the inaugural VIEIRA collection, but from the very piece that inspired it in the first place: the Ray Low Table. Mimicking the bold shape of the piece, Markian’s Designer Rugs see the scallop curve inverted, with the central circle that echoes the Marblo tray on the table.

“Like Ray Low, the use of different colours in the ray showcases the shadows and highlights of the scallop,” says Roz. “We drew the inspiration for the rug design from the furniture pieces, which are quite bold in their colouration. Each rug has three different hues in the same tone – a dark centre, a mid base, a lighter colour in the rays.” She explains the design intent was carried throughout all five different shapes – teardrop, round, oval, D-shape and semi.

Markian Rug Collection

The intriguing forms of handmade Markian Designer Rugs, combined with their rich, bright colourways, are incredibly unique – and the Tretford Rugs line enhances the brand’s distinctive offering even further, enabling design professionals to generate striking, one-of-a-kind interiors.

While the bespoke rugs from the Designer Rugs range establish a more obvious connection with VIEIRA’s signature scallop motif, the Tretford Rugs are a more figurative interpretation of its fluid shape. Created in close collaboration with Gibbon Architectural and Chris McKenzie, one of Markian’s Design Directors, the line comprises five designs that come in four distinct shapes.

Markian Rug Collection

From the toned-down and more mature take on the motif on the Eileen rug, to the Picasso-inspired Eero and the calming symmetry of Zaha and Neri, Markian’s Tretford Rugs embrace the multifaceted appeal of Viera’s principles through whimsical colour combinations and a graphic amalgamation of shapes, purposefully interacting with each other.

However, the delineation in visual representation of the collection’s leading pattern isn’t the only characteristic that sets the two exquisite product lines apart. Designer Rugs and Tretford Rugs are made in different locations, using distinct manufacturing techniques and materials.

Markian Rug Collection

Designer Rugs are made to order in Malaysia with hand-tufted New Zealand wool and bamboo. “Hand-tufted rugs are produced by shooting yarn through a tufting gun into a stretched fabric frame – much like a stretched canvas. Each shape and colour is tufted separately, like colour-by-numbers, and their construction makes them the perfect choice for geometric designs,” Roz explains.

The combination of these manufacturing practises and carefully selected materials makes the range more affordable than hand-knotted floor coverings, stain repellant and exceptionally durable – a quality sought-after in high-traffic areas and commercial environments, in particular.

Alongside the practical benefits the materials provide, the fusion of wool and bamboo results in a naturally soft, shiny and luxurious surface that engages in subtle interaction with the light, creating a sense of movement and dimension. “Bamboo has a lustre similar to silk and is used to emphasise portions of each rug’s design, creating incredible highlights and lowlights,” expands Roz. And even though Designer Rugs boast such an intricate amount of detail and are manufactured in South East Asia, the average turn-around time for one of these custom handmade designs is only 12 weeks.

Tretford pieces is even quicker than the Designer Rugs range. Handcrafted and manufactured in Brisbane, Tretford Rugs are made with cashmere goat hair – sourced from the highlands of Inner and Outer Mongolia – with a selection of other renewable and recycled raw materials incorporated throughout the products, like jute in the Roll format products, and 80% recycled polyester felt in the backing of the Interflie Tile.

Tretford Rugs’ composition is responsible for the products’ durable, versatile and easy to maintain profile which – alongside the range’s quirky, yet refined visual expressions – makes them an ideal choice for a broad range of interiors, be it a residential, commercial or hospitality application. “Tretford Rugs respond to the need for fun rugs that are durable enough for work environments. Oftentimes, the rugs found in office spaces are plain and don’t offer an element of happiness and joy that colour can bring,” Roz explains. “The designs and shapes of the rugs are quite playful but still corporate enough to work with.”

Between the two distinct ranges boasting unparalleled visual and tactile quality, and an array of invaluable practical benefits, the extensive rug collection from Markian further accentuates VIEIRA’s rich design potential, while delivering a product fit for the demands of the modern architectural context. And with the advanced level of customisation that allows clients to tailor the existing designs to a specific environment, both product lines will elevate the character of the space with Markian’s distinct creative perspective, and express the designer’s unique vision for the interior.


Photography by Brodie James Photography

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