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10 Chinese designs that stand above the rest

Check out these 10 shortlisted projects for this year’s INDE.Awards that bring the best of Chinese design and creativity.

10 Chinese designs that stand above the rest

Chinese design and the people behind it excel in this year’s INDE.Awards Shortlist – which is renowned as the first and only regional design awards program in the Indo-Pacific. 

Those that are shortlisted shine a light on outstanding architecture and design in the region, and we’ve curated 10 outstanding projects from the The Social Space to The Influencer categories – all leading with ingenuity within the Chinese region.

The Social Space

HALATION Bistro/Lounge by RooMoo Design Studio

Located in Shanghai, design team RooMoo drew on the diverse community of locals and ex-pats to combine the Eastern concept of symbiosis with nature and Western design techniques – the outcome taking you into a world of earth and sky.

Halation INDE.Awards shortlist Chinese design
Halation, photography by Wen Studio

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Taoxichuan Hotel, in the Unbound Collection by Hyatt

Set in the world’s porcelain capital, Jingdezhen, the project seeks to unite the raw and the refined, turning ceramics into architecture, interior, furniture, and patterns. Here, ceramic is commemorated in a way it has never been, expressing both as a natural material and exploring its versatility and power in interior design.

Taoxichuan Hotel INDE.Awards shortlist Chinese design
Taoxichuan Hotel, photography by Wen Studio

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Le Coq Wine & Bistro by RooMoo Design Studio

In a restaurant based in Xian, with a design that speaks of the surrounding Chinese culture, Le Coq is a marvel of heritage and modernity. The three-storied restaurant represents the architecture of the typical Chinese house in Xian, bringing history into every facet of its design.

Le Coq INDE.Awards shortlist Chinese design
Le Coq, photography by Wen Studio

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Wood Pavilion #1 by LIN Architecture

Wood Pavilion #1 is an experimental structure located near the river in the tourist area of Jiangxin Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. Undulating timber arcs cast in dark timber are intersected by beams of light, creating sharp light wells that change depending on the viewer’s aspect and time of day.

Wood Pavilion #1 INDE.Awards shortlist Chinese design
Wood Pavilion #1, photography by Songkai LIU

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Yíshè at Atrium House by AGC Design

Nestled in a quiet village, Yíshè at Atrium House blends heritage and modernity. The design reimagines Chinese vernacular architecture to derive a new model for community living. Taking the siheyuan (courtyard house) typology as a starting point, the aim was to create a shared space for the residential community rooted in the vernacular way of life.

Yíshè INDE.Awards shortlist Chinese design
Yíshè, photography by Kenneth Chao

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The Health and Wellbeing Space

BIPO Beauty Clinic by Studio RYTE

BIPO is a beauty clinic that pursues a comprehensive total beauty solution for its customers. The project’s design is that of a soothing getaway experience that helps melt away clients’ stresses to regain harmony between the inner self and outer bodies.

BIPO Beauty Clinic INDE.Awards shortlist
BIPO Beauty Clinic, photography by Studio RYTE

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The Influencer

HARMAY Fang by AIM Architecture

HARMAY Fang is a project created to give back public space to the community. It encapsulates a community-centric design to the street and presents a new retail typology. With the historic fang as inspiration, this neighbourhood cornerstone has re-interpreted the spirit and openness of the Shanghai alley life.

Harmay Fang INDE.Awards shortlist
Harmay, photography by Dirk Weiblen

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The Graduate

Cheung Pak Yin 

Dis-a-pier | Re-a-pier is a project by graduate Cheung Pak Yinwhich engages with the past, present, and future of Hong Kong’s Queen’s Pier. This project examines the pier’s multiple meanings. It then proposes to assemble the original fragments into different structures around the city as a new way of dealing with Hong Kong people’s collective memory and injecting new life to the pier.

Dis-a-pier | Re-a-pier  INDE.Awards shortlist
Courtesy of Cheung Pak Yin

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Ji Xiang 

With increasing demands for public space, redevelopment schemes in Hong Kong aim to create an image of clean alleys to relieve the urgency. Ji Xiang’s project examines the nature of back alleys in Hong Kong and seeks the potential of providing a more pleasant public space not only from an aesthetic aspect but also environmental performance.

INDE.Awards shortlist
Courtesy of Ji Xiang

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Subin Park

The fate of architecture in post-industrial cities like Hong Kong often includes rapid erasure and reconstruction. Subin Park’s project, titled Urban Archive, is situated within the reality of change. The project comes from a design process through making and unmaking, transforming the building into a device and index for documenting spatial and material transformation.

INDE.Awards shortlist
Courtesy of Subin Park

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For the entire list of 2022 INDE.Awards shortlist, dive in here for the best and brightest of the design world throughout the Asia Pacific.

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