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At Shaw Contract, we believe that the ground beneath your feet should have a positive impact on how you live, learn, work, heal and play. We strive for design excellence in everything we do – from conception to production to installation, it’s what sets us apart. We make flooring that delivers a purposeful blend of design elements, materiality, sustainability and performance.

Every day we take on creative challenges to research, design and innovate inventive flooring solutions that transform spaces across the globe.

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Shaw Contract Manufacturer and distributor of carpet tiles, broadloom and vinyl commercial flooring solutions for Australia and New Zealand.


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The Suited Collection: what suits you?

Designed to inspire and engage, Suited brings a sense of comfort and belonging to flooring solutions. Discover the new, laid-back sophisticated, timeless and tactile collection by Shaw Contract.

Announcing the winners of the Shaw Contract Design Awards 2019

Marking its fourteenth year, the Shaw Contract Design Awards celebrate and recognise the creative vision of the architects and designers that inspire the community.

Colour theory for design

Shaw Contract’s new ColourConnect CPD series explores how colour impacts the built environment and influences interaction within it.

Why specify flooring when you can design with Inside Shapes?

Inside Shapes is a new concept in flooring – where a floor becomes a canvas for creative expression and the result is a dynamic interior landscape.

The Shaw Contract Design Awards gives back

How will your work make an impact? Which causes are important to you? The Shaw Contract Design Awards are a chance to make your mark and give back.

Extraordinary from Shaw Contract

With its rich textural patterning, evocative of scenic landscapes, Shaw Contract’s exceptionally crafted Extraordinary carpet tile range invites you to feel the difference in design.

INDE.Awards 2017

A look back: INDE.Awards 2017 winners and themes

Your INDE.Awards Official Shortlist for 2018 is about to be announced. We cast our eyes back to the successful entries of 2017. What new directions will 2018 bring?

Announcing the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards Winners

Now in its eleventh year, the Shaw Contract Design Awards honour architecture and design firms that are changing the way people engage and interact in a space.

Australian Design Taking Home The Top Prizes On The World Stage!

Design can change the world. As a member of the architecture and design community, you are the visionary—the creative problem solver who is constantly redefining the way we work, play, and organise our lives.

It’s unanimous: Australian design is among the best in the world!

If the 2017 global Shaw Contract Design Awards revealed anything, it’s that Australian designers really know how to embrace change and take a risk.

INDE.Awards 2017 | Indesignlive

Who Won At The Inaugural INDE.Awards?

On Friday 30th June, we announced winners of the very first INDE.Awards program. Couldn’t make it? Don’t stress! Here are your offIcial 2017 winners…

Celebrating The Spaces Where We Work, At The INDE.Awards

At the inaugural INDE.Awards, we’re celebrating the best in design across the Asia Pacific region, and that includes the design of the spaces where we work; presenting The Work Space, sponsored by Shaw Contract.

Touch Base: ‘Extraordinary’ Details at Shaw Contract

With its rich textural patterning, evocative of scenic landscapes, Shaw Contract’s exceptionally crafted Extraordinary carpet tile range invites you to feel the difference in design.

Designed by Gray Puksand, The Shaw Contract Design Lab is a collaborative space where local design professionals can find inspiration in commercial flooring which is engineered for beauty, durability, and cradle-to-cradle sustainability.

Announcing the Official Partner of the INDE. Workspace Awards: Shaw Contract

In an age where the concept of the workplace is an increasingly transient notion, we expect more from the places where we conduct our business than ever. Shaw Contract, your Official Partner of the INDE. Workspace Award, is here to make sure that happens!

Wyndham Vale Primary School, designed by Haskell Architects, the 2016 Global Winner of the Shaw Contract Design Awards. The educational purpose of the project was to focus on building a sense of community within the school, support the development of skills for lifelong learning, and instil a sense of belonging, identity and engagement among students.

Primary Colours: Designing from the Ground, Up – IDL

Melbourne-based Haskell Architects walk us through their approach to the smart new facilities at Wyndham Vale Primary School, Global Award Winners of the 2016 Shaw Contract Design Awards.

A Q&A with Andrew Schunke En Route to the Shaw Contract Design Awards

Andrew will be joining the global award judging panel in 2017 – casting a seasoned, expert eye on the designs, stories, and solutions that really break the mould, and include Shaw Contract innovative flooring solutions.

Q&A: Mel Mackenzie Joins the Shaw Contract Design Awards

Mel will be joining the market award judging panel to cast her experienced eye on the detailed design stories, encompassing sustainability & environmental goals, innovative design solutions, as well as the Shaw Contract flooring’s contribution to design objectives, of a range of architectural projects and designs.

Because, You’re Worth It: The Shaw Contract Design Awards

You are a visionary. You strive to help, improve and redefine a smarter, better and healthier world. Shaw Contract simply wants to say thanks.

Shaw Contract Design Awards 2017 | IndesignLive

8 Reasons To Enter the Shaw Contract Design Awards

One week left to enter the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards! Here’s why we think you should enter…

Win your way to Art Basel in Miami with Shaw Contract

It’s official- the 2017 Shaw Contract Design Awards prize has been announced.


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