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Tappeti brings new sensory dimension to everyday spaces

Interior artistry is more than imagining the forms and colours of space. Tappeti, through its bespoke carpet and rug designs, brings a harmonious and distinctive impression to interior environment.

Tappeti brings new sensory dimension to everyday spaces

When the eye travels around a room, Tappeti rugs + carpets provide a harmonious and distinctive part of the whole effect. The rich colours, luxurious texturing and handmade artistry are prized by leading designers such as Kelly Kow, Senior Interior Designer with IA Group in Western Australia.

Kow says the bespoke nature of the handmade Tappeti rugs is one of the qualities she prizes when designing for clients.

“No two rugs are the same. The process of handmade techniques guarantee refined and detailed products,” she explains.

“I have done many varying types of projects with Tappeti, but my favourite would be a project I had in Perth for a co-working space called Fern Powered by Spacecubed.

“We worked on two custom rugs that hero in two different lounge settings. Kerrie Brown’s beautiful artwork customised in colour, size and shape within the rugs brought together the compilation of sophisticated finishes, and bold West Australian flora patterns and colour palette.”

Tappeti bespoke carpets and rugs
Fern Powered by Spacecubed, IA Design. Photography by Ryan North, Evolve Design

Tappeti also demonstrates excellence in environmental and social responsibility credentials. All the rugs are hand-made by artisans paid a fair living wage in their home communities in India. Techniques including hand-tufting and knotting and loom weaving that have been passed down through generations ensure every item is an original work of human hands.

“I take great pride in the continuance of these traditional skills,” says Tappeti CEO and Founder, Karinna Gobbo. “This not only supports the craftspeople but benefits the entire community through ensuring household incomes and stable livelihoods.

Tappeti bespoke carpets and rugs
Fern Powered by Spacecubed, IA Design. Photography by Ryan North, Evolve Design

“We are also acutely aware of the imperative to be responsible with resources. Our rugs use natural fibres including wool and hemp, nettle and linen, with every colour batch-dyed to order using non-toxic pigments.”

Because such care is taken in their creation, Tappeti rugs also offer lasting, timeless beauty, Gobbo says.

Kow says ethical and sustainability credentials will always be something designers advocate for.

“The beautiful part of working with Tappeti is that I never have to worry about a high-quality end result, and I value Tappeti’s commitment to a sustainable process and providing opportunity for generations of gratifying work,” Kow says.

“Many clients who seek this kind of quality in the product also share the same commitment to ethical and environmental pursuits. They want to partner with associations that offer a ‘one off’ product that can capture their own brand ethos.

“Design in all realms is a commitment that yields extremely rewarding results in both aesthetics and ethical extents. I am glad to have found a great partner in Tappeti where these commitments can be realised.”

Tappeti bespoke carpets and rugs
Matchpoint, We Are Duet. Photography by Anson Smart

We Are Duet’s Shannon Shlom and Dominique Brammah look to evoke wellbeing, joy and delight in their residential interiors. They create harmonies of light, colour, texture and pattern that speak to the personalities and lifestyles of their clients.

Tappeti provided custom rugs and custom wall-to-wall carpets for one of their recent Victorian residential projects, Matchpoint.

Tappeti bespoke carpets and rugs
Matchpoint, We Are Duet. Photography by Anson Smart

“We knew Tappeti was the right fit for the project for a few reasons,” Shlom says. “We always know the quality of service we get with Tappeti is incredibly impressive and consistent. We have enjoyed a wonderful long-term working relationship with the Tappeti team which makes designing, workshopping and specifying their rugs and custom seamless wall to wall carpets a seamless process with a flawless outcome.”

The broad – almost infinite – possibilities coupled with the exceptional quality also aligned with the high-end nature of Matchpoint.

“They offer all the freedom and the support needed for us to customise as well as create new pieces to work with the project’s design intent. They are open minded and encourage creativity and we knew our ideas would be welcomed and workshopped as a collaborative effort with enthusiasm.

“We never felt we had to compromise on the design to achieve our vision which is essential.”

Shlom says the client was expecting a fusion of superb quality, diversity, individuality, and “punchiness” in the designs. The brief was aligned to his experience travelling the world and staying in amazing hotels – he wanted luxury and comfort.

Matchpoint, We Are Duet. Photography by Anson Smart

“The ability for us to have our designs customised into a custom carpet to create a subtle but bold pattern was pivotal to the success of the master bedroom and the sweet little daughter’s bedroom. It really set the tone for both spaces as well as the project overall and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the result,” Shlom says.

“The rugs in both the formal living & family living were conceived as two independent plays of colour and shape. The formal became a play on soft edges rendered in sorbet-type colours whereas the family living room is all about geometric interplays of stronger jewel-like tones.

“There is a beautiful dialogue between these two connecting spaces and the rugs so elegantly unite the spaces while also establishing two very separate different identities.”

The luxurious fibres and textures are part of the attraction of every Tappeti rug, as is the bedazzling array of hues.

Tappeti’s wide colour range absolutely delights us, it’s like the feeling of opening a new box of Derwent pencils as a child,” Shlom says.

We Are Duet cherishes its long-term relationship with Tappeti and respects the shared values around care for the planet and for human beings.

Matchpoint, We Are Duet, photography by Anson Smart.

“We always look to specify natural fibres and support handmade processes, and this remains at the forefront of our minds daily. These are the philosophies we look to support in partnering with suppliers to deliver on our projects. The rug industry has always been somewhat of a barometer for challenging environmental and social impacts on communities world-wide so it reminds us never to be complacent in our extremely privileged corner of the globe.”


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