Tappeti Fine Handcrafted Rugs & Carpets

Tappeti Fine Handcrafted Rugs & Carpets

Tappeti, a world-class textile design firm, has been creating statements in luxury and creative expression since 2006.
Each Tappeti piece is the result of a symbiotic fusion of client goals, designer vision and Tappeti craftsmanship.

Tappeti understands the true value of design and produces superior quality rugs and carpets.

Quality and innovation is core to Tappeti. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries on fibre usage and design, keeping us at the forefront of the industry.

Tappeti don’t manufacture, we design and hand-craft superior floor art. We pride ourselves on our flexible approach to provide your ultimate design solution and our refined processes ensure a seamless delivery.

We have worked with designers from all over the world to bring their visions to life and create amazing spaces. We are constantly inspired by global trends, fashion, interior design, travel, architecture, and nature.

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Tappeti, a world-class textile design firm, has been creating statements in luxury and creative expression since 2006.
Each Tappeti piece is the result of a symbiotic fusion of client goals, designer vision and Tappeti craftsmanship.

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One architect’s journey from Everest Base Camp to rebuilding education in Nepal

Since the Nepal earthquakes of 2015, architect Neill Johanson of Davenport Campbell has been working to rebuild schools and support communities in Nepal’s remote regions. It’s a pro-bono project that has expanded from emergency efforts to a wider and longer-lasting vision.

Meet the 4 First Nation’s artists behind Tappeti’s breathtaking Indigenous Collection

An ode to the power of collaboration, Tappeti’s new Indigenous Collection translates original artworks by four leading First Nation artists into three-dimensional luxury rugs – using only the finest natural materials such as wool and artsilk.

Rugs that make you contemplate Country, and nature in new ways

We were blown away by the beauty of these richly dynamic rug designs crafted in collaboration with four talented First Nations artists. Relive the highlights from the launch of Tappeti’s Indigenous Collection.

Meet the artists behind Tappeti’s Indigenous collection

With an in-house design team, Tappeti has been designing custom textiles since 2006. More recently, it has partnered with Indigenous artists to create a new product range. We meet the individuals – and preview the event where designers can meet them in person.

Vida Glow’s sumptuous new home by Arent&Pyke

Vida Glow’s stunning new home base features bespoke rugs in a design that adds a sense of comfort and luxury to a place of work.

The story behind Mika Utzon Popov’s breathtaking art rug

Tappeti has teamed up with artist Mika Utzon Popov to create a bespoke rug that speaks to the head and the heart. Here, Mika shares the story behind the piece.

Tappeti brings new sensory dimension to everyday spaces

Interior artistry is more than imagining the forms and colours of space. Tappeti, through its bespoke carpet and rug designs, brings a harmonious and distinctive impression to interior environment.

Infinite beauty with infinite possibilities

Tappeti’s new ORA range captures the aesthetic essence of otherworldly, immersive experiences in its handwoven art rugs. The result? A shortcut to evoke a sensory response in your projects.

Tappeti GRIGLIA fuses colour and form

When geometry and colour combine

Inspired by the textures and directionality of weaving, Tappeti’s new GRIGLIA range captures the striking grid form.

Catch every INDE.Summit insight you missed, now on demand

Did you miss out on the industry’s most anticipated regional architecture and design conference? Fear not – the full programme is now live on demand!

And the well deserved 2021 INDE.Awards wins go to…

The 2021 INDE.Awards winners have been announced, and each is a testament to the design excellence of the Indo-Pacific!

Tappeti marks 15 years of weaving future-forward art

For 15 years Tappeti has been giving interior designers and architects a medium to complete their beautification of space.

Discover architecture’s best for 2021 at this year’s INDE.Awards

You’re invited to our annual celebration of Indo-Pacific architecture and design! Find out more about this year’s INDE.Awards here.

Design responds to the resurgence of the shopping experience

The Shopping Space shortlist is revealed and now the retail excitement begins.

The INDE.Awards 2021 shortlist has delivered the goods

Granting a moment of sweet relief from the months’ of anticipation building around this year’s INDE.Awards, the 2021 INDE.Awards shortlist has been announced.

Meet the exhibitors at FRONT.design

It all begins with innovation and connection at FRONT.design. It might start at the stands, but it concludes with catch-ups and productive conversations. Here are the leading brands you can connect with this year.

Celebrating the launch of GEO by Tappeti

Indesign Media joins Tappeti for a night of unparalleled quality and design to announce the launch of the brand’s most recent collezione, Geo.

Superior craftsmanship marks today’s design generation: Presenting GEO by Tappeti

Ahead of the launch for Tappeti’s latest – GEO – we look back at the brand’s pledge to quality, handmade manufacturing techniques and material integrity.

From the ground up: How Tappeti believes we can transform the design industry, one rug at a time

Luxury rug brand and FRONT exhibitor Tappeti prove that sometimes, finding outstanding design is simply a question of looking down.

These 7 brands work with the likes of Google, Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft – Now they want to work with YOU!

These are the top brands, all with new and innovative product to showcase as FRONT exhibitors. And they have worked with the full gamut of desirable, elite companies worldwide, guess who’s next… you.

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