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Marble tiles for walls and floors

Marble is a symbol of luxury around the world. Quality marble is in high demand for kitchens, bathrooms, and floors.

Marble tiles for walls and floors

Marble is a natural stone recognisable for its swirling veins. It is created through the metamorphic crystallization of limestone. This process converts calcium carbonate into calcite crystals, creating marble. Marble is quarried in large blocks before being cut into slabs and/or tiles. Not all marble tiles are made from solid cut marble; engineered marble is a type of flooring created with recycled marble bonded to resin.

Marble has been a symbol of luxury since the first recorded instance of its extraction in 3rd century BC. The Greeks are widely recognised as the first to use marble in construction. Marble was an extravagant material reserved for major structures such as the temple of Olympus, the Theseum, and parts of the Parthenon.

Currently, the most prominent marble suppliers are Italy, China, India and Spain – a group responsible for mining more than half of the world’s marble. Italy is still widely recognised as producing the highest quality luxury marble.

Benefits of marble tiles

There are many benefits to having marble in your home.

  • Aesthetic: the main draw of marble is its beauty. Marble is known for its glimmering appearance and artistic veins. It is not as impermeable as some materials. This means that light bounces around marble more freely, giving the impression that it glows softly.
  • Temperature: marble is also naturally quite cool to touch. This makes it a good option for cooking as the countertop will not become too hot. However, marble is heat sensitive.
  • Value: marble is coveted to the point where a marble fixture, appliance or feature can improve your home value. This is especially true of high quality marble countertops.
  • Varity: Marble comes in a huge range of styles, stones, finishes, patterns and designs. When it comes to deciding on a marble slab for home, you are spoilt for choice.
  • Porosity: Marble tiles have a relatively high porosity, meaning that they can be polished to shine.

Disadvantages of marble tile

Marble has a few slight disadvantages that may make you think twice before purchasing.

  • Low durability: Marble is one of the softest kitchen benchtop materials in existence. It cannot handle heat, so you can never place hot pans and pots directly on a marble surface. Marble is also susceptible to scratching, denting and wearing over time.
  • Not eco-friendly: Marble is a non-renewable material which has to be extracted though an energy intensive process. It does not have the same longevity as polished concrete nor the potential for recycling.
  • Expensive: Marble is without a doubt one of the most expensive materials available. How much marble costs depends on the type of marble, complexity of the task and area you intend to renovate. On average, kitchen countertops last between $40-100 per square foot. See here for more information on benchtop pricing.

Where to buy marble floor tiles in Singapore: The best ideas and brands for marble look tiles

14. Outdoor

marble floor outdoor courtyard

Carrara marble is the most common type of marble. It is recognisable for its bluish-grey tint. Carrara marble is the most affordable marble and is durable enough to be suited for outdoor flooring such as patios, pathways, courtyards, poolside and pergolas. You can purchase the Carrara marble pictured above here from Tile Mountain.

13. White

polished white marble floors

White marble is a classic choice for the modern home. Floors made from white marble are elegant without being overpowering. They generate a haughty cleanliness that you can soften with warm décor or emphasize with icy accents for a bold, sophisticated atmosphere.

12. Grey

dark grey marble walls

Grey can be stunningly beautiful in a home when used correctly. The subtle neutrality of a grey wall pairs well with the extravagance of marble. Feature walls and countertops using a deep grey marble like this are sure to catch the eye.

11. Black

dark marble floors

Black marble takes things a step further than grey with a dramatic, moody appearance. Floors made from black drip with mature sophistication. For a bold and contemporary look consider the deep mysteries of black marble.

10. Pink

pink marble bathroom tiles

Pink marble is a gorgeous choice in any home. Light pink marble has a playfulness that pairs masterfully with the maturity of a marble finish. An accent wall of pink marble tile would make for a stunning addition to a luxurious bathroom.

09. Green

emerald green marble tiles feature wall

Green marble tile has a deep mysteriousness that is impossible to resist. Pairing beautifully with gold and lighter shades of pink, green marble creates a sense of secrets and treasure. Green marble has a regal look that commands admiration.

08. Blue

kaolin tiles marble look blue and pink

Blue marble is perhaps the most versatile of all marble tile colours. Dark blue marble like the image above projects a sense of strength and duty. Light blue marble, on the other hand, has an air of wistfulness and oceanic wildness. Investigate for yourself the different shades of marble and consider the impression they leave with you.

07. Kitchen floor

white marble floor tiles

Kitchen floors are the perfect opportunity for some subtle marble. Marble is elegant, hygienic and has a clean appearance that endears it to kitchen use.

06. Penny round

penny round mosaic tile marble look

Penny round marble is a type of circular marble tile set together like a mosaic. Purchase the tile pictured above here from Tile Mall.

05. Splashback

quartz kitchen splashback white

Kitchen splashbacks are an important part of protecting your walls from water damage over the years. Bringing marble into this space is an opportunity to enhance the class of your kitchen aesthetic.

04. Hexagon

herringbone marble flooring

Another mosaic style of marble tile, hexagonal marble has a vintage charm perfect for bathroom floors or a kitchen splashback. Purchase the marble tile pictured above here from Ca’Pietra.

03. Subway

marble kitchen splashback

Subway tiling is one of the most celebrated forms of marble wall tiles in modern kitchens. It provides a naturalistic rawness in keeping with the return of industrial chic. Purchase the tiles pictured above here from E-Mosaic Tile.

02. Herringbone

Marble herringbone wall tiles

Herringbone is a form of tiling characterized by the angular patterns which resemble a fish’s skeleton. It is also common in flooring, but marble herringbone has an attention-grabbing appearance that you can take advantage of as a prominent kitchen splashback or feature wall. Purchase the herringbone marble tile pictured above here from Stone 3.

01. Marble mosaic tiles

mosaic style wall marble

Mosaic marble has the potential to be the most beautiful of all. All mosaic marble tile has a rugged asymmetry that contrasts and compliments the elegance of the material. This tile cut is the choice to make if you want your walls to be more than protected; with mosaic marble, they become art.

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