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The Future Of Education In Our Region Looks Strong For This Award-Winning Project

From 400+ entries for the INDE.Awards, selecting the best educational environment in Asia Pacific was no easy feat! Here we present to you 2018 ‘s winner!

The Future Of Education In Our Region Looks Strong For This Award-Winning Project

Design in the education sector is currently responding to the commercial landscape’s investment in more flexible, agile solutions to increase productivity and engagement in end user behaviour. To this end, the appearance and functionalities of such spaces have truly revolutionised the way we learn. Research in learning environments and their applied strategic improvements has collated a landslide of empirical evidence to suggest that, far beyond facilitating quality pedagogy, today’s newly agile learning environments have made a bold statement about the potential for schools, universities, training facilities and libraries to be a central component of our formative lives – responding to our individual quirks, idiosyncrasies and manners in which we each learn best. And insofar as this is the case, for Asia Pacific’s booming population, this spate of innovative educational environments provides the groundwork for Asia Pacific’s future prowess: as an education provider, as a global power, and as a tropical acropolis of incubation for tomorrow’s leaders. 


Presenting the Winner of the Learning Space Award:

Macquarie University Incubator by Architectus


Macquarie Universities Incubator aims to nurture and create entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, creativity and collaboration. Architectus, the designers and architects of this project, are a leading design studio comprising of over 350 architects, interior architects, urban designers and urban planners. With studios all over Australia and New Zeland, the company has expanded and progressed on the basis of their strong history regarding urban disciplines.


“Our focus is to thoroughly understand our clients’ needs, applying our research, experience and technology to develop solutions that are functional and elegant”


Unites by 8 main core principles regarding design finesse and ethical practices, the Incubator was a location designed to cultivate and respond instantaneously to the ever-changing and fluctuating demands of the students and their design minds. Keeping sustainability in mind, the architects and interior designers placed natural ventilation systems, electricity generated solar panels and cantilevering roofs to showcase Macquarie’s dramatic societal advancement through research, innovation and high quality architectural design. Understanding the complexity and future adaptation the space may need to support, Architectus implemented open spaces, breakout areas and smaller private meeting rooms.


“Our goal is to imbed a deep and clear design quality that is appropriate, efficient, elegant and enduring.”


Possessing an impeccably gorgeous timber aesthetic, the Incubator is one of the main construction materials to ensure the projects was swiftly fabricated at a high quality. Although the structure of the Incubator was designed prepared for relocation, the project is so well liked due the natural aroma created by the Timber, it is most likely going to remain in it current location. Having Architectus produce a very honest and open educational space, this project is Inspiring Macquarie University users and individuals all around the region, attracting high appraisal by the jury of this years INDE.Awards for the Learning Space Award.


Highly Commended:

A Journey of Self-Exploration, Bukit-Panjang Public Library by Grey Canopy


‘A Journey of Self-Exploration’ is an intuitive, instantaneous and easy route-map to learning and the expansion of knowledge. As part of Singapore’s National Library Board, the Bukit-Panjang Public Library required the redevelopment of the 20-year-old building and requested a design based on experiences of journey and discovery. Two key zones were to be established by Grey Canopy, the design team on the project, with a combined floor area of 2,300sqm: a teens’ area and a children’s area. 


Grey Canopy drew inspiration from the graphic route-maps of train lines. The interior spatial design incorporates environmental wayfinding as the overarching design direction and aesthetic styling. The spaces are fluid and open plan as the journey toward deeper knowledge has no start nor end. 


Within both zones, the library users are funnelled into a central book display lobby where the ceiling and floor design are fused with wayfinding elements. Each colour leads to a particular book collection. The floor pattern acts as an intuitive path, while the decorative ceiling conveys signage as well as accent lighting. Unlike conventional libraries where reading areas are often contained within set areas, here seating and reading areas are dispersed to every collection and placed within close vicinity of every shelf. Circular shelves envelop small group areas with colourful textile panels helping with acoustic control. Elsewhere, sunken areas grant a degree of privacy.



The 2018 Learning Space Award is Proudly Sponsored by Living Edge


Living Edge partnered up with the INDE.Awards to present the Learning Space award to the region’s most innovative educational atmosphere.


Living Edge is a frontline design destination in our design and architecture industry. Being firm believers in investing in the future of tomorrow’s leaders, Living Edge places importance on support, comfort, healthy environments, and cultivating spaces for learning and prospering knowledge. Living Edge proudly promotes innovative solutions to schools, universities and libraries around the Asia-Pacific region and works side by side with clients in order to firmly grasp a clear understanding of the wants and needs for these educational spaces and their unique pedagogical models.


Curating only the most authentic, original and luxurious designs products, the Living Edge is committed to social responsibilities as they tackle the educational sector with a bold and meticulous flair seamlessly incorporating functionality, design and comfort into their chosen furniture products.


INDE.Awards 2018 Gala


The INDE.Awards 2018 invited you to celebrate the upcoming and uncovered design prodigies and design spaces that stand out in the Asia Pacific region by asking pushing the conventional architecture and design boundaries set prior. Receiving over 400 fascinating entries, this years jury is faced with one of the toughest decisions to decipher which spaces and individuals truly define iconic and outstanding design finesse.


Ranging in vast diversity and skills, the future of our industry is looking optimistic as the INDE.Awards 2018 intricately capture a calibre of unique individuals and companies who will continue to transform and revolutionise the design and architectural industry for centuries to come.



Living Edge + Indesign Media congratulate the 2018 Learning Space

Winner Macquarie University Incubator by Architectus

and Highly Commended A Journey of Self-Exploration,

Bukit-Panjang Public Library by Grey Canopy



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