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8 Brands You Need To Know From Made-in: Indonesia At NookAsia 2019

Made-in, a showcase of contemporary design organised by Industry+, debuted at Nook Asia 2019 and featured eight Indonesian brands that provide an insight into the country’s rich craft culture.

8 Brands You Need To Know From Made-in: Indonesia At NookAsia 2019

Bika Living

Debuted at International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) 2019’s NookAsia showcase, Made-in exhibition is a showcase of contemporary design organised by homegrown furniture manufacturer Industry+. 

The new initiative features works of prominent designers, artists and manufacturers from a single country in each edition.  It aims to represent the culture and craft in that country, and provide insight into the featured country’s design scene, manufacturing industry, creators attitudes and business approaches to building their brands.

Displayed from 9 to 12 March 2019, the first edition of Made-in put Indonesia on the spotlight. Representing the country’s design scenes were eight contemporary brands you definitely need to know. 


Byo Living

A collaboration with celebrated Indonesian architect Andra Matin at Venice Biennale 2018 catapulted Byo Living’s name to the international design scene. 

Elevation at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Featuring a beautifully woven rattan skin that houses a spiral staircase with multiple landings that showcased Indonesia’s various vernacular houses, Elevation took home the Special Mention award – a first for the country.

Byo Living’s rattan panels at Made-in

Since the showcase, Byo Living has collaborated with international names to further explore traditional Indonesian weavings, including Kengo Kuma. 

Byo Living weaving at Astra headquarters



Founded by German ‘Southeast Asia enthusiast’ Dennis Pluemer in 2013, Santai is a Yogyakarta-based furniture brand focusing on contemporary furniture pieces rooted in Javanese heritage. Santai’s collections are made with mature teak from state-owned plantations and fast-growing fibre plants like bamboo and rattan.

Jengki chair

Santai’s collections are developed exclusively by Javanese designers from diverse creative fields, including product design, architecture and graphic design. These collaborators include local luminaries Singgih Kartono, Eko Prawoto and Bagus Prabowo. 

Wengku stool


Yamakawa Rattan

One of the stalwart players in the rattan furniture business, Yamakawa Rattan has its roots in Japan, but grows strong in Indonesia. Founded in Tokyo in 1952 by Hichiro Yamakawa, the brand manufactures its products in Indonesia. 


Yamakawa rattan has collaborated with both Japanese and Indonesian designers, including Hiroomi Tahara,Toshio Yano and Alvin Tjitrowirjo. Among the displayed products are Yano’s Kani chair and Tjitrowirjo‘s Linger bench.

Kani chair


Zaqi x Weijenberg

Zaqi Fathis is an AA-graduate in Master of Architecture in Emergent Technologies and Design from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is currently working for multidisciplinary design practice Weijenberg in Singapore.

Kissing Stool

Zaqi x Weijenberg collection features furniture pieces of the future that explore the latest digital-aided manufacturing and materials. The Kissing Stool, for example, is constructed from a flat sheet of metal.

Kissing stool

The stool took inspiration from traditional folding technique found in Indonesia’s traditional costume where the design emerges from the interaction between the material and its folding lines. Meanwhile, Bloom is an exploration of the organic form found in nature, in which a single ‘stem’ ‘blooms’ into three surfaces, like petals. 


Cassia Studio

Founded by industrial designer Felix Sidharta and wife Andrea Sharon Limongan, Surabaya-based design practice Cassia Studio focuses on product and interior design for both commercial and living spaces. 

Split collection

The studio’s portfolio ranges from contemporary rattan furniture to whimsical accessories with universal appeal. 

Daun chairs

Bika Living

Founded in 1975, Bika Living is one of Indonesia’s leading manufacturer and purveyor of fine furniture and decor for residential and commercial spaces.

Bika Living at Made-in

Bika Living’s in house brand Bika Furniture is known for contemporary furniture pieces with touches of traditional Indonesian crafts. Each piece is designed with a mindset of creating precious family heirlooms. 

Dahan dining table



Founded by sculptor Gabriel Aries and interior designer Aurora Rintya from Bandung-based art and design collective Artes Indonesia, UMA is a home living brand that focuses on resin marbling. 

UMA’s collection exists in the intersection between art and design, and follows a narrative about the great unknown. “In each collection, we will present to you different stories wrapped in intriguing shapes in the hope that it works as an active interpretation of your daily life,” said Rintya at the showcase’s opening. 

Halo table lamp


Kandura Studio

Founded by four potters in Bandung in 2005, Kandura Studio has evolved from a pottery studio to a full-fledged design practice focusing on small objects and architectural finishes. 

The studio’s projects range from tableware, vessels to custom tiles for architecture and interior projects. 


Industry+ is currently developing the next edition of Made-in showcase, which feature designers and brands from the Philippines. 


Images courtesy of Industry+

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