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Why this sit-stand desk is on our list of office ‘must-haves’

Equipped for any work situation or design shift, Steelcase’s Migration SE Pro is a smart, accessible desk with stunning resolve.

Why this sit-stand desk is on our list of office ‘must-haves’

Moving away from rigid office floorplans that do not provide an opportunity for flexibility and collaboration, our furniture pieces must reflect this shift in order to increase connection and wellbeing. Steelcase’s Migration SE Pro is an assured cornerstone of any workplace, and will remain so over time. The desk offers modular flexibility, specifically designed to support a change resilient office. A stand-up, sit-down desk that provides its user with effortless adjustments, the desk allows designers to curate a space by mixing soft settings and workstations to create a diverse work environment that suits every work mode. While a desk is most certainly an important piece in a workspace, Steelcase understands that it is not the only item in the room, and designed the Migration SE Pro with this in mind.

The Migration SE Pro is a refined version of its Migration counterparts. The desk features improved performance and a wide selection of structural and technical components set a new standard in flexible and dynamic planning.

The desk itself is multi-modal, supporting different work modes from collaboration (90 degree bench) to focus work (120 or 90 degree desk). The 120 degree bench is the ideal home for teams that encourages collaboration through its design, with the 90 degree bench a multimodal work point designed for any user to immediately focus and engage in a quick burst of work.

The Migration SE Pro 90 degree desks are able to be turned into a private space tailored specifically for the user, thanks to Sarto privacy side & front screens. It gives one the ability to be in control of comfort and privacy levels, thus guaranteeing personal space, even within an open-plan office.

Migration SE Pro features a motor that pushes the desk upwards or downwards depending on the user’s preference. Silent yet powerful, the improved motor of the SE Pro enables a smooth, seamless and remarkably silent transition between postures. The motor is able to be programmed by touch controls, with up arrows and down arrows controlling the direction of the desk. The controller can also store four different posture settings of the user’s liking, to ensure a quicker change between heights.

The Migration SE Pro is a sturdy desk that remains within its place despite external pressure or weight. Round or square legs are able to be chosen at one’s request depending on the overall feel of an office. The improved model is lighter, but is sturdier than the other members of the Migration family, thanks to new connection points, making it suitable for heavy daily use and multiple reconfigurations.

An extended selection of work surfaces and a fresh palette of colours also help Migration SE Pro to harmonise with soft settings in your team neighbourhoods, creating a welcoming work environment. Textures and colours decide the mood of the office, with the blue, pink, chrome and turquoise nuances providing warm and inviting textures into any workspace.

Ergonomics is at the forefront of commercial product design. Humans are more productive and more efficient when comfortable, and strong ergonomic design is key to ensuring long term productivity. With stand up and sit down desks becoming an office trend of the past few years, why not work smarter and not harder and incorporate a desk into your commercial space that can do both? Steelcase’s Migration SE Pro is a next-generation desk that is able to have its height adjusted effortlessly, with a range of finishes available that ensure the incorporation of the desk into an office is seamless.

Steelcase’ Migration SE Pro range is available as a freestanding desk, dual-sided bench and single-sided bench, all of which are ready to revolutionise the way you work in your office. To view all the available product information, please click here.



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