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5 great solutions for a flexible office space

A flexible workplace is ready to support employees as their tasks and focuses change. It has to be fit-out accordingly to address the needs of the modern workforce.

5 great solutions for a flexible office space

Stem Ecosystem installed in a conference room.

The way we work has evolved, creating a demand for an interactive office space that can bend and shape according to the individual needs of employees. Adaptability and openness to change help people and company thrive. And what better way to support a flexible working environment than through mobile and easily adaptable spatial solutions.

Stem Ecosystem™, Shure

Stem Ecosystem for office space

As more organisations move to a hybrid working model, virtual meetings have become the primary mode of communication and collaboration. It’s safe to say that many have encountered their fair share of technical difficulties. But better audio doesn’t have to be complicated. With the Stem Ecosystem™ solutions developed by Shure, anyone has the freedom to mix and match devices to create the perfect audio pickup in any collaboration space. The solutions include wall and table speakerphones, along with a ceiling microphone that blends into any room and syncs with networked loudspeakers, as well as dedicated control systems for a complete audio package through its no-programming approach. 

In Singapore, Shure is available exclusively through Electronics and Engineering.

Phone Booth, Kettal

Kettal Phone Booth for flexible office space

In many large, open offices where privacy is hard to come by, small meeting pods trump traditional meeting rooms as quick calls and video conferences can be conducted in the former without being overheard or disturbing co-workers. Modelled after the traditional telephone booth, the Phone Booth by Kettal is made of aluminium and panelled with acoustic materials for an echo-free workspace. To prevent claustrophobia, the swing door is laminated with acoustic glass and has no step to hinder accessibility. Available in one-, two- or four-seater, the interior is furnished with an integrated table with a power socket coupled with stools or a sofa. A state-of-the-art air recirculation system and interior lighting that focuses only on work areas add to the comfort. Furthermore, Phone Booth is a plug and play system that is easy to install and can be connected to the mains or data network via a standard connector. 

In Singapore, Kettal is available at P5 and XTRA.

Spark acoustic lighting, Zenith x Impact Acoustic

Spark acoustic lighting by Zenith x Impact Acoustic

This unique luminaire combines acoustic performance with an aesthetic that merges the appeal of a classic shape with an undeniable playfulness when inspected up close. A modern take on a traditional rounded lampshade, Spark’s measured silhouette is energised by its tactile quality and a selection of five different sizes that can be combined to generate a dynamic spatial arrangement. 

Blue Kitchenette, dsignedby

Blue Kitchenette by Dsignedby

No space is ever too small for a customised kitchenette with Blue Kitchenette by dsignedby. Sleek and sophisticated, this stand-alone furniture element can be positioned anywhere in the room – ideal for a small office. The kitchenette is even affixed with castors for easy manoeuvrability. So roll it into the boardroom during long meetings so you can easily refill your coffee and reach for snacks or use it as a large work table if needed.

Prospect Creative Space, Herman Miller

Prospect Creative Space is the solution to having a small co-creation hub in a small, open-plan office space. Sharing ideas is as easy as turning around and scribbling on a whiteboard or pinning up work to review. The height and space between the round structure and table strike a balance between intimacy and openness, which encourages engagement by reducing visual and audio distractions. The exterior acoustic pads that wrap around the structure not only prevent noise disturbance but also comes in a variety of fabrics and colours to liven up the workplace environment. While the 8-Panel provides an intimate area for teams to easily collaborate and share ideas, the 4-Panel provides a more open area for collaboration.

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