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Marazzi: Pioneering excellence in ceramic innovations and sustainability

From humble origins to global recognition, discover Marazzi’s illustrious journey of innovation, sustainability, and design excellence that has shaped the ceramic industry for decades.

Marazzi: Pioneering excellence in ceramic innovations and sustainability

In the vast landscape of ceramic craftsmanship, Marazzi stands tall as a pioneer with a remarkable history dating back to 1935. Established within the shelter of temporary structures supported by parallel poplar lines, Marazzi’s inaugural factory birthed the creation of hand-decorated wall tiles, marking the commencement of a journey that would redefine the industry.

A heritage of innovation

As the 1950s unfolded, Marazzi’s reputation for originality flourished, leading to a transformative partnership between ceramic coverings and fine design. The pivotal year of 1960 witnessed the collaboration between the ingenious minds of Gio Ponti and Alberto Rosselli, birthing the iconic Triennale tile with four graceful curves. This collaboration initiated an enduring dialogue between ceramic artistry and luminaries in fashion, art, design, and architecture.

Marazzi ceramic tiles

Pillars of success

The brand’s defining pillars are built on an unwavering commitment to research, experimentation, and environmental stewardship. This trio of principles has propelled Marazzi to the pinnacle of the industry, both in Italy and on the global stage. A distinctive ability to anticipate and adapt to evolving lifestyles, architecture, and design trends has cemented Marazzi’s position as an industry leader.

Innovative products

At the heart of Marazzi’s success lies a dedication to innovation, exemplified by its standout product offerings. The Grande collection is a testament to this ethos, featuring large format slabs in four different sizes that push the boundaries of design possibilities. From modern reinterpretations of timeless marbles to the captivating allure of Venetian Seminatos, the collection showcases Marazzi’s artistic prowess and technological excellence. These slabs, created with state-of-the-art technology in a new factory built solely for their manufacture, embody both beauty and resilience.

Another jewel in Marazzi’s crown is the new Confetto, an embodiment of modern craftsmanship. This small-size porcelain stoneware from the Crogiolo collection rekindles the magic of authentic ceramics. With a semi-matte, ‘sugared’ surface available in a palette of 12 warm and cool shades and two modular sizes, the Confetto line adds a touch of elegance and artisanal charm to any space.

Marazzi ceramic tiles

Taking trends and craftsmanship seriously

Trends come and go, but Marazzi’s insights remain ahead of the curve. This year, vibrant pastels find expression in warm hues complemented by serene blues, greens, and petroleum shades. Sustainability remains a central theme, echoed by material effects such as terracotta aesthetics, vividly colored bricks, and intricate wood-carved effects.

So what sets Italian-made tiles, particularly Marazzi’s creations, apart? A legacy marked by historic milestones, including pioneering stoneware, patenting revolutionary single-firing techniques, and introducing oversized tiles, has cemented Marazzi’s reputation. Operating in over 140 countries, the brand is a global synonym for premium ceramics, offering an extensive range from traditional sizes to expansive slabs, and from bathroom wall tiles to ventilated facades.


Sustainable evolution

Central to Marazzi’s identity is its closed-cycle production model, epitomizing environmental sustainability. This approach champions material recovery, packaging recycling, responsible waste management, and energy optimization. The brand’s proactive stance towards environmental preservation extends to restoring quarries’ landscapes, controlling waste, and recycling industrial wastewater.

The future of Marazzi

The future shines brightly for Marazzi as it continues to innovate and push the boundaries of ceramic design. By embracing cutting-edge technologies, the brand strives to enhance product quality while expanding its already diverse range with fresh and imaginative elements. Marazzi’s legacy is one of transformation and elegance, setting the stage for a future where innovation and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

In Singapore, Marazzi ceramics are available through Hafary.

Marazzi ceramic tiles

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