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How to address workplace acoustics in open-plan offices

With decades of experience in contract furniture, Hushoffice delivers privacy and workplace flexibility with acoustic pods that use the test-improve-repeat approach for the best technical performance in an office environment.

How to address workplace acoustics in open-plan offices

HushHybrid in Raiffeisen Bank International – MIT Group Delivery Center, Warsaw Poland. Photography by Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito

In open office settings, the importance of acoustic booths cannot be overstated. These purpose-built spaces act as acoustic sanctuaries, mitigating the challenges of noise and distractions common in open-plan environments. Acoustic booths provide employees with a secluded haven conducive to focused work and confidential conversations, enhancing overall productivity and well-being. In the contemporary workplace, acoustic booths or pods stand as indispensable tools. They strike a harmonious balance between collaboration and individual concentration.

Hushoffice carries an exclusive range of acoustic pods of the best possible technical and aesthetic performance that offer privacy to employees, while improving workplace soundscape and flexibility. Drawing from over 30 years of expertise in manufacturing contract furniture by its parent company Mikomax – established in 1991 and located in Poland – the concept and technologies applied in the pods have been independently developed by Mikomax in 2010s. Hushoffice’s continuing objective is to reinforce employees’ choice of their preferred and most efficient workplaces, in line with Hushoffice mission statement ‘YOUR HUSH, YOUR WAY!’

Mikomax production plant
Mikomax production plant located in Poland where Hushoffice products are made. Photography by Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito

Throughout the range of its production offerings, Hushoffice delivers a proven performance of its pods through a proprietary solution created by Mikomax. This is a result of continuous improvement approach in the development and upgrades of the products, in compliance with ISO 23351-1:2020 industry standard of speech level reduction. This standard of excellence is evident in Hushoffice’s two signature products: hushHybrid and hushMeet. Both offer solutions for different modes of work.

HushHybrid is designed for individual concentrated work in dynamic working environments – conducive also to hybrid and remote work. The pod is developed to improve the quality of online collaboration with remote colleagues and business partners. HushHybrid also offers good sound insulation with optional stickers on glass, providing added privacy through a ‘frosted glass’ look. 

Hushoffice hushHybrid acoustic pod

On the other hand, hushMeet offers a soundproof environment for teamwork and accommodates up to four people. Ideal for small team meetings and videoconferences, hushMeet comes with integrated castor wheels. These enable the booth to easily move around without disassembly, taking up the same areas as two standard workstations.

Hushoffice hushMeet acoustic pod

With the variety of acoustic booths on the market, Hushoffice meets the needs of teams of different sizes and facilitates workplace functionality. See the Hushoffice pods live at the Haworth Singapore showroom to experience the range of acoustic booth solutions suitable for any open office environment.

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