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How to spice up your coffee table décor

The coffee table represents a space in your home dedicated to relaxation and simple pleasures. Your decorative choices should help to enhance this experience.

How to spice up your coffee table décor

Juliet Taylor


November 4th, 2022

The coffee table is a space of peace and private enjoyment. It is the place where you relax before the day begins, and wind down once it has ended. They are usually adorned with calming décor items such as plants, coasters, and books or magazines.


Coffee table books are very popular at the moment around Australia. The entertainment provided at a coffee table should be non-demanding – not many people want to struggle through Dante’s Inferno while waiting for the effects of their morning coffee to kick in. This is why magazines are so popular, as they do not require your full attention to enjoy.

Another purpose of a coffee table is to stimulate conversation with your guests. Your décor should reflect the things that interest you and the things you find beautiful. This may be books on a certain topic, photos of your travels, art, or souvenirs from interesting places. Displaying these items on a coffee table is a great way to engage your guests in an easy conversation, which will encourage them to share their interests in turn.


Yet another coffee table trend taking Australia by storm is the influx of plants. House plants have seen a huge boom in recent years, skyrocketing in popularity all across the world. There are a number of good reasons for this – for one, indoor plants have air purifying capabilities as well as psychological benefits – but the most undeniable of all is that they simply look nice.

Taking care of a plant and watching it thrive can help you feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment, which is especially true when the plant starts to bloom. The most popular plants for coffee table décor in Australia are succulents, orchids, ferns, spider plants and ferns. For more information on the best plants to keep inside, see here.

How to decorate coffee tables?

There are endless coffee table decorations and design ideas floating around on the internet. Wading through them all to find the perfect match for your home can be quite daunting. The most important rule for deciding what to put on a coffee table is remembering that it should be there to make you happy, not for guests or the perfect Instagram shots. After all, you’re the one who will have to live with it every day. To help you narrow down some stellar coffee table décor ideas, here is some advice on how to style a coffee table.

Coffee table accessories and design ideas: cool display inspo and coffee table makeover ideas

12. Simple

coffee table design ideas

Keeping your coffee table free of clutter and bulk will help you open up the space in your home. Glass coffee tables are very popular at the moment for just this reason; they are simple, elegant, and make the room feel larger. You can purchase the marble and glass coffee table pictured above here from Design Stuff.

11. Oversized

wooden oversized rustic coffee table design ideas

Of course, some choose to go the other way. Having a large coffee table will give you the freedom to experiment with multiple décor items such as decorative bowls, candles, and dried flowers. It also gives you enough space for snacks, drinks and even your feet as you kick back to relax at the end of the day.

10. Wooden lift-up floating top

lift top coffee table extendable

One of the main problems with coffee tables is that they are too low to comfortably use for a desk or table. A lift-up coffee table like this one will make your coffee table much more convenient for daily life without taking up any extra space.

09. Books

books on a coffee table aesthetic decor

There’s nothing more appealing than a pile of stacked hardcover books. The good news is that there are so many to choose from! Try to find a book on a subject you are passionate about, to stimulate conversations with guests. You can find a list of the best coffee table books available online here.

08. Coffee table tray

tray on coffee table

A tray is a neat way of organising your home décor. They come in many different materials, sizes and colours – so you are sure to find the perfect one for your home style. A tray will bring structure and order to your decorations, as well as making it easier to clean the coffee table.

06. Christmas décor

christmas decorations coffee table

A fun way to spread some holiday cheer is by decorating your coffee table with some cute Christmas ornaments during the season. This is also fairly affordable – you can find many of the decorations in Big W – and you have the option of decorating the coffee table with centrepieces in line with all of the holidays such as Easter and Halloween.

05. Modern

refrigerated coffee table

The future is now, and it is glorious! This coffee table has a built in refrigerator that will keep your drinks and grazing snacks cool at all times. Purchase it here on amazon.

04. Second hand

marketplace second hand coffee tables vinnies salvation army

Purchasing furniture second hand is a great way to save money. It is also an opportunity to fill your home with unusual furniture pieces that no one else will have. For a unique and funky look, consider searching around on Facebook marketplace or gumtree.

03. Art deco coffee table

art deco coffee table desinger

The Art Deco era was characterised by whimsical designs and a fascination with geometric shapes. This coffee table will bring a little vintage charm into your home. Read more about Art Deco style here.

02. Elegant

elegant stylish white and glass coffee table marble

Refined elegance is the way to go for large homes. This stylish side table has a beautiful yet practical design. It is simple yet unique, two key staples of contemporary elegance.

01. Colourful

colourful coffee table green diy painting vintage

DIY can be very rewarding when it comes to coffee tables. There are a number of cool ways to paint a coffee table – and most of them achievable with just a few inexpensive supplies. The best part is that there are always an abundance of cheap coffee tables available second hand, so you can buy cheap and refurbish without worrying that you might ruin it.

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