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Where innovation meets design: Austaron Surfaces

Austaron Surfaces is pushing the boundaries of what is creatively possible in commercial spaces with their unique range of innovative surfaces and finishes from world-leading brands.

Where innovation meets design: Austaron Surfaces

DMAW Lawyers by IA Design | Featuring Staron Solid Surface

Users of commercial spaces come into contact with surfaces more so than any other element in a building. The experience is immediate – the look, touch, feel and sound of different materials determines the atmosphere of interior spaces, with the selected surfaces for walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings playing a decisive role.

From countertops, tabletops and shelves to feature installations, innovative concepts for surfaces are in constant demand. Designers are always on the lookout for diverse collections that expand what is creatively possible, especially versatile solutions that are both aesthetically and functionally pleasing – this is where Austaron Surfaces excels.

Riley Cairns by Thomson Adsett | Featuring Staron® Solid Surfaces

Since 2003, Austaron Surfaces has provided high quality surfaces to the Australian designer market. Partnering with world-leading brands, the company’s product range – which includes Staron® Solid Surfaces, Mario Romano Walls, Acrylic Couture and Kaynemaile® Architectural Mesh – offers a large scope of potential across many facets of design either as statement features on their own or coexisting together in a multitude of spaces.

DMAW Lawyers by IA Design | Featuring Staron Solid Surface

The company’s flagship product, Staron® Solid Surfaces is a versatile, silica-free solid surface material made of a blend of pure mineral and premium acrylic resin that performs to high standards in virtually any setting. While typically associated with benchtops, Staron® can be used for interior and exterior applications: shop fronts, displays, wall cladding, furniture and more.

Mario Romano Walls

Available in more than 90 colours, Staron®’s ability to be thermoformed into almost any desired shape offers unlimited design potential. It is also highly durable, hygienic, non-toxic, renewable, repairable and able to deliver a seam-free finish.

Mario Romano Walls

Over time Austaron Surfaces expanded their product range with brands that represent the cutting edge in innovation and design. For example, Mario Romano Walls is a collection of multi-dimensional surfaces renowned for their intricate detailing, complexity, and texture. Carved into Staron® Solid Surfaces using a process involving the latest in parametric computing and CNC machining technology, these unique decorative surfaces can turn walls into pieces of art, or they can be worked into designs to complement other materials and products. Both Mario Romano Walls and Staron Solid Surface are Silica free and Group 1 certified to room fire test AS5637.1.

Acrylic Couture

With a unique composition that has no equivalent in its category, Acrylic Couture is a collection of acrylic glass panels that showcase premium quality and ethically-sourced metallic fabrics, decorative particulates and feathers encased in a crystal clear high-quality acrylic glass.  When combined with dramatic natural or artificial lighting, this one-of-a-kind material can achieve extraordinary luminous effects. Whether used to create striking feature walls, elevate reception areas or as the centerpiece of a playful light installation, the design possibilities are endless.

Acrylic Couture

Quickly becoming a go-to solution in commercial building projects, Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh is a modern chainmail material composed of a series of polycarbonate rings that are seamlessly interlinked together. Unmatched in its material innovation and flair, Kaynemaile has been used for exterior facade applications due to its solar protection and shading benefits, and for interiors with its ability to divide spaces while maintaining transparency and airflow. Its lightweight, strength and high flexibility make it easy to install, allowing designers to achieve anything from smooth, curved screens to geometric folds or kinetic screens.

Functional Well Gym, Queensland by Snell Design Studio featuring Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh in Flat White

It is hard to find a commercial project that would not benefit from one or a combination of Austaron Surfaces’ innovative surface materials and finishes. The company’s collection of brands works together across all aspects of design, delivering end solutions that are beautiful as well as functional.

Austaron Surfaces

Functional Well Gym, Queensland featuring Kaynemaile Architectural Mesh in Flat White

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