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Sustainable design finds sensory pleasures in Organoid Natural Surfaces

Our experience of the world is profoundly shaped by the essential elements of sight, touch and scent. Biophilic, ethical and inherently sustainable, Organoid Natural Surfaces explores the connection between texture and experience in the organic world.

Sustainable design finds sensory pleasures in Organoid Natural Surfaces

Organoid Natural Surfaces - Wildspitze

Numerous studies validate the intrinsic connection between humans and the natural world. Enhancing our well-being at any stage of life, a closer bond with nature fosters relaxation, strength, creativity and positive emotions.

Considering the substantial amount of time we spend in enclosed, high-tech environments, biophilic design becomes the essential link between the built environment and the organic world. By integrating elements like plants, natural light and organic materials, biophilic design establishes a profound connection with nature – inducing a feeling of immersion and harmonious coexistence.

Organoid Natural Surfaces – Almwiesn.

Organoid Natural Surfaces, offered exclusively by Austaron Surfaces in Australia and New Zealand, serves as a means to bridge this gap by combining the beauty of natural materials with functional and sustainable interior design in a symphony of sustainability.

Organoid Surfaces are made in Austria using organic materials that are responsibly sourced from farmers through direct trade and product upcycling. The natural surfaces are not only featured within its unique visual appearance, but also flows to flax and FSC mix paper backing surfaces with commitment to using natural renewable surfaces.

Organic materials such as real Alpine hay, colourful flowers, herbs and leaves are transformed into fragrant natural surfaces which retain the integrity of their original characteristics. These untreated natural fibres are preserved throughout the production process and evoke memories of immersive natural experiences through their look, feel, and scent. Carefully selected backing materials coated with natural fibres ensure that the process and application is entirely carbon neutral from start to finish.

Organoid Surfaces Showroom – Malbo, Italy

Organoid’s Natural Surfaces serve a dual purpose in the complicated landscape of sustainable design. Uniting ethical production and practice with human-centric design principles achieving new paths in the sustainable space; a holistic path which looks not only towards the wellbeing of our planet, but the wellbeing of our people as well. Form becomes synonymous with function as Organoid Natural Surfaces re-ignites the link between humanity and nature while simultaneously fighting to protect it.

Organoid Natural Surfaces – Almwiesn for Libertys London

The comprehensive range of products on offer in this collection encompasses wallpaper, decorative veneers , floor panels, adhesive opaque and translucent options; all of which serve multiple decorative purposes including wall coverings, joinery panels in conjunction with wood, and acoustic solutions.

Oranoid Natural Surfaces – Bamboart for Hypo Bank Landeck

Austaron Surfaces has a reputation for offering innovative products which empower the building industry to explore new frontiers in design. Supporting a range of brands that seamlessly complement each other, products by Austaron Surfaces strike a delicate balance between enduring aesthetic value and high-performance functionality.

Learn more about the raw potential of Oragnoid with Austaron Surfaces here.

Austaron Surfaces

Organoid Natural Surfaces – Skelettblattla for Hotel Linde, Ried
Organoid Natural Surfaces – Skelettblattla Translucent Self-Adhesive 2

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