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Introducing the BSH family

With Gaggenau and Bosch presenting the winning designs at the INDE.Awards 2018 for Best Living Space and Best Multi-Residential Design, respectively, we turn to their rich history as part of the global design consortium, BSH Home Appliances. Let us introduce you to the BSH family.

Introducing the BSH family

You probably didn’t even realise it, but while getting ready in the morning – in the space of about 40 minutes – you interacted with a whole network of appliances, all of which enabled you to get out the door in record time and with minimal fuss. And you’re certainly not alone.

Today, we’re increasingly dependent on our appliances, from which we are demanding more than ever. Now, they must be as functional as they are future friendly, as efficient as they are elegant, and as sustainable as they are stylish.

This is precisely where BSH Home Appliances sees the true value of design in our daily lives, where ‘enjoyment’ and ‘experience’ are always at the forefront. Responding to the needs and wants of a diverse group of users, all of BSH’s brands have developed strong, unique personalities that set them apart within the kitchen and design space. Gaggenau, the elegant sophisticate; Siemens, the smart, efficient wunderkind; NEFF, the sunny, social sibling; and Bosch, the cool, classic kid.

At 335 years young, Gaggenau is the oldest sibling among the BSH children. Luxurious and stylish, it is perfectly self-assured of its role as a vanguard of high-end residential kitchens and professional culinary culture. Since its earliest days (1683 to be specific), Gaggenau has set a steep curve for other kitchen appliance brands, softening the hard edges of professional kitchens with sumptuous, hand-finished design that is as soulful as it is sleek. An evergreen prodigy, Gaggenau dabbles in both art and engineering to deliver striking appliances that craft the most luxurious, exclusive cooking experience on the market.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen. Returning this year as the sponsor of the Living Space category at the INDE.Awards, Gaggenau is an embodiment of the transformative power of a well-designed kitchen. Done right, a kitchen can take some of the best parts of living – passion and creative expression – and blend them together, serving them up as an irresistible, tasty morsel. Using the finest materials and the latest and greatest in culinary technology, Gaggenau reinvigorates common kitchen appliances with an unrivalled ease and joy of operation. Gaggenau is the perfect partner for the meticulous craftsperson who seeks the precision of professional cooking tools and complete control over all aspects of temperature and cooking.

This leads us to Bosch: the classic, thoughtful child who can always be relied upon to do exactly what they said they would. A firm believer in the power of the tried-and-true, Bosch reinterprets beloved classics with the perfect amount of technological innovation to make life easier, minimise confusion and ultimately maximise enjoyment in the cooking process. Deceptively simple sophistication and instinctive, responsive user interfaces make Bosch the perfect partner for people who want everything to go according to plan. Every. Single. Time. This steadfastness has gained Bosch countless devotees around the world over the past 130 years, thus earning it a record-breaking 300 international design awards in the past five years alone.

Bosch’s firm belief in the power of design innovation to resolve problems and simplify everyday life makes it the perfect fit for the multi-residential development that is dominating today’s global construction industry. Around the world, Bosch appliances power countless kitchens, laundries and homes, maximising quality of life and enjoyment within our personal spaces. From refrigerators and kitchen appliances to washing machines and dryers, Bosch brings classic, reliable technology to homes of all shapes and sizes, reminding us that no opportunity is too big or small for design. This year, Bosch draws on all these characteristics to support the Multi-Residential Building category of the 2018 INDE.Awards, which celebrates efficient, scale-appropriate design for multiresidential projects.

Whether you’re coveting the professional precision of Gaggenau or seeking the reliability and practicality of Bosch, the BSH family has you covered. Responding considerately to the demands of the fast-paced contemporary living space, Gaggenau and Bosch elevate the everyday to the extraordinary and perfectly complement the smart efficiency of Siemens and social focus of NEFF. Driven by the guiding values of simplicity, clarity, and reliability, the BSH family is united by a single goal: to make life easier and better for you through the carefully considered combination of design and function.

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