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The story of HÅG Tion: A chair for everywhere

At home and in the office, comfort is paramount in the modern day of work. Understanding this better than anyone, Flokk presents HÅG Tion, a sustainable dream in design and wellbeing.

The story of HÅG Tion: A chair for everywhere

It all starts and ends with a chair. From the modern day workplace to working in your home office – the chair is where you spend most of your work time, so having one that is comfortable and equipped for the modern world is paramount. Especially one that has a story.

Flokk, a leading commercial furniture manufacturer, has undergone a detailed research program to deliver a chair that rises above the rest in terms of flexibility and sustainability.

The result is HÅG Tion, a chair for the modern day. It is a product that has culminated from research in over seven European countries with a trio of design studios. The design story is filled with many chapters and presents a narrative of crafting a chair filled with thought and passion in every component.

It’s not common for design studios to come together, but as a team, they all questioned how to provide a chair that promotes ergonomic support and adaptability to countless workplace environments. The HÅG Tion is a masterpiece of sustainable design with dozens of applications that culminate in three key factors.

A sustainable concept

Big-Game from Switzerland crafted the concept where key design features of the chair were defined. HÅG Tion was theorised as a foretelling in a post-pandemic world, and design-lovers Big-Game laid the groundwork for a chair incorporating design in every component. 

The product in completion now consists of up to 75 per cent recycled material. In the seat and back shells, the materials consist of 94 per cent post-consumer plastic, with 98 per cent of the aluminium parts recycled. 

The flexibility, the allure of its design, and the commitment to a greener future are all factors in HÅG Tion’s sustainable credentials. Recently winning the Red Dot Award only further establishes HÅG Tion as a staple piece for the workplace.

Refinement in movement and flow    

Inspired to make great work, the second design studio to contribute to HÅG Tion was Anderssen & Voll from Norway, who refined the chair in all its features. They wanted to accentuate its no-nonsense aesthetic. In its eco­–design, HÅG Tion is easy to refurbish and made for disassembly. It is, however, HÅG Tion’s ergonomic innovation that is unparalleled.

At the chair’s core is the HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, Flokk’s trademark feature that moves with you, providing comfort, and supporting active sitting. In conjunction with the HÅG in Balance® mechanism are HÅG’s foot plates, which encourage micromovement of the feet and stimulate leg movement. Together, these mechanisms respond to your every move, helping you to stay active and healthy without compromising productivity.

Inspiration for the individual

To add those personable touches, incorporating everyone with HÅG Tion’s design story, Hunting & Narud from the UK engaged with the palette and materiality, crafting four different archetypes. With its curated sustainable fabric options, the individual can add their own design to the chair, from Classic (iconic, serious and polished), The Maximalist (a celebration of colour, stands out), The Minimalist (pure and clean) and The Visionary (raw, honest and environmentally friendly). 

These archetypes fuel inspiration into anyone’s choice. The endless customisable options branch further with optional armrests in aluminium and removable upholstery for added comfort. The HÅG Tion is not only a chair for everywhere but for everyone.

A chair for everywhere

The final chapter and the instigator of it all was Flokk. Pulling all these design ideas, innovations and stories together, Flokk’s ingenuity brings us the HÅG Tion chair. Its story speaks of the need for sustainable comfort in a post-pandemic world, with dozens of unpredictable locales we all now work in. 

In its revolutionary outcome, the HÅG Tion celebrates ergonomics for the individual, movement (and the flexibility that comes from it). The HÅG Tion is proudly distributed nationally through Flokk, Australia.


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