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2022’s 10 most teachable moments and inspiring quotes

Whether inspirational or thought-provoking, we bring you the 10 most quotable moments of 2022. They’re all takeaways that resonated with us for their insightfulness, authenticity and mindfulness. Prepare to be inspired.

2022’s 10 most teachable moments and inspiring quotes

Ilse Crawford, studioilse.

In the first of our 2022 reviews, we look back at the designers and architects we interviewed throughout the year. There really have been so many good people with so many good quotes and moments of wisdom. We’re deeply grateful to all the talented design leaders who contributed to Indesignlive in 2022. Their contributions enriched us with learnings and insights.

We’ve gone back through each and every op ed and in-depth profile from 2022 and summed up here the 10 most quotable moments – all memorable and guaranteed food for thought. Dig in!

1. Candice Ng, Principal, Plus Architecture

Indesignlive - 10 best quotable moments in 2022

“If you’re going to do something do it at 100%. And find yourself a good mentor – they are priceless.”

Candice’s timely advice to graduate architects. Read the full interview here.

2. Adam Cornish, Product Designer

Indesignlive - 10 best quotable moments in 2022

“I think it’s important to not look at things as what they are but what they could be and what are they trying to facilitate. And when you look at it that way, there’s so much scope to improve and have new ideas.”

Adam on his approach to solutions-focused design. Read the full interview here.

3. Peter Walker, Cumulus Studio

“You can have your own thoughts in a bubble and be sort of isolated but as soon as you put those thoughts together with somebody else it’s not a one plus one equals two situation, it’s a one plus one equals four kind of exercise.” 

Peter on the thought processes behind the genesis of Cumulus Studio. Read the full story here.

4. Gerald Matthews, Managing Director and Senior Architect, Matthews Architects

Indesignlive - 10 best quotable moments in 2022

“The most fundamental premise of architecture is the belief that spaces affect people. So, in architecture, there is always an underlying pursuit of designing spaces that enhance human experiences and achieving this isn’t about removing constraints, it’s about understanding and responding to them. It’s only with a clear understanding of every constraint that design can fully succeed.”

Gerald on the practice of architecture. Read the full story here.

5. Ilse Crawford, Founder, Studioilse

Indesignlive - 10 best quotable moments in 2022

“We’ve got to change our mindset and value things more. To do that, we need to design them in a way that means people love them and they last. It’s about less – that’s true – but it’s also about better.”

Ilse on creating products and spaces with longevity. Read the full story here.

6. Jefa Greenaway, Director and Co-Founder, Greenaway Architects

“There’s a shift happening. There’s a fundamental change in mindset where Indigenous perspectives and voices are seeking to be heard. But I guess the cautionary note is that when we are engaging with Indigenous knowledge, those who are best able to speak to that are Indigenous voices.”

Jefa on how integral First Nation’s people and their culture are to good design. Read the full story here.

7. Simon Topliss, Principal Architect, Warren and Mahoney

“While it may hurt human pride knowing that in the name of progress we’ve made poor choices in the past, modern science shows going carbon neutral is now the right thing to do for the future of our planet and the generations that follow us.”

Simon on the future of urban planning. Read his op ed here.

8. Melinda Huuk, Founder and Director – Design and Strategy, The Studio* Collaborative

“I crave those layers behind things to make spaces meaningful. It’s not enough just to be beautiful, it has to be immersive, experiential and emotional. I need to have those achievements daily and weekly. If I’m not feeling like I’ve made a difference I find it hard to find purpose in what I am doing.”

Melinda on designing meaningful spaces. Read the full story here.

9. Brian Clohessy, Head of People and Culture, BVN

“We didn’t set out on this journey to win prizes or for external recognition – we do this for our people, that’s the number one driver. We’re a place that invests in employee wellbeing ahead of everything else – ultimately, we are about being 100% human.”

Brian on the practice being named on the 2022 AFR BOSS Best Places to Work Awards list. Read the full story.

10. Sarah Bader, Principal and Managing Director, Gensler Tokyo

“Wellbeing matters: make choices both large and small that actively support the health and wellbeing of all employees.”

Sarah on designing the new workplace. Read her op ed.

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