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Design for mental health starts with an inclusive approach

BLP’s Orygen and OYH Parkville offers a worldclass case study for the role can buildings play in alleviating feelings of loneliness and elevating mental health.

What contemporary library design looks like at its best

Libraries as newly reimagined hubs of technology and activity continue to grow in both scale and scope, with architects and designers responding to impress.

Third space found hidden within adaptive reuse project

Known for their talent in adaptive re-use, Linehouse brings new vision to an under-utilised indoor pool at Jing’an Kerry Centre in Shanghai.

Indesign luminaries: looking back at the Lyon legacy

Architecture is more than just a practise, it’s a vocation, for brothers and business partners, Corbett and Carey Lyon.

What’s workplace design got to do with office dynamics?

Hybrid working puts the pressure back on the individual to expertly communicate and perform within a team of dispersed personnel. How can workplace design help to enhance office dynamics?

Engaging in sustainability in hotel design

Capable of encouraging deep engagement between people and place, sustainable design is an opportunity that ought to be urgently harnessed in hotel design. Leading the way, some architects and designers are doing just that.

Out with the Old School, in with the Play School

Education as we know it is on the brink of revolution, and playtime will prevail. SolBe Learning Centre in Boston, Massachusetts, designed by Supernormal, presents a blueprint for design in the New School Order.

Make way for the alphas: Early learning spaces for digital natives

The ‘alpha generation’ has never known a world without smartphones. How do we design early learning environments to nurture these digital natives on their own, new-age terms?

Dramatic Statement: John Wardle Architects’ Caulfield Library, Monash university

A Brutalist 1970s library building provides the bones for a Renaissance-like redevelopment at Monash University’s Caulfield campus. The outcome is a dynamic hub that serves a complexity of 21st-century needs. “It was about opening the library up to the central village green of the campus and bringing light into the building,” says John Wardle Architects’ Jasmin Williamson.

Akin Atelier’s sensitive touch: CAMILLA & MARC

Customer experience are the words on every retailer’s lips in 2019. Retail design aficionados Akin Atelier show us what a successful customer experience looks like.

Knowledge capital: Workplaces for creativity and thinking

Idea generation, creativity and mental stamina: this is the currency of the modern-day knowledge worker. What sort of environment is required for the people who innovate through ideation?

Emerging designer Jake Rollins: In conversation

JamFactory’s exhibition, Materials Matter: A Bauhaus Legacy, celebrates and highlights the influence of the Bauhaus on the Adelaide design institution and South Australia’s design industry in general. Leanne Amodeo talks to emerging designer Jake Rollins, whose work in the group exhibition expresses a ‘building block’ style of construction that addresses issues of sustainability and regeneration.

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