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Indesign Magazine | Issue 88 – Education Outlook

We’ve all spent much of 2022 focused on stabilising, reestablishing and recovering, haven’t we? And while the year has brought us some notable lowlights in the face of global economic and political uncertainties, there’s also been plenty of highlights, too. Seeing our borders open back up and people come back out to work, network and play has been a lifeline for us all. For what else is there to do, but move forward with conviction and thrive?

Already Indesign is taking stock of 2022’s achievements – the successful return of Saturday Indesign to Sydney, our hugely popular CPD Live webinar series, INDE.Awards back in the flesh for its Gala event – and we’re putting plans in motion for 2023.

Saturday Indesign will come to Melbourne next September. CPD Live is gearing up for its 2023 program of informative webinars for architecture and design professionals. And entries for the INDE.Awards are opening this November. This year’s winners (page 21) set a clear benchmark for the region and is a timely reminder that gaining global recognition for your work really is within reach.

In this issue of Indesign, The ‘Education Outlook’ Issue, we return to the fertile grounds of design for learning. We welcome our returning Guest Editor, Leanne Amodeo, who has once again defined a series of discussions that explore new landscapes for learning. Leanne revisits the role of biophilia in schools – it’s a concept we’re all familiar with, but warrants renewed consideration, given the rising imperative for connection to nature and the outdoors. There’s also a survey of spaces which support lifelong learning, the renaissance of museums as interactive and appealing destinations for people of all ages, plus more. Dive into our In Depth education section, page 143.

Beyond learning, this issue has brought to the fore the idea of deep connection. I’m talking about environments that speak to us at a visceral level, like those by European studio H+O, page 72. Also the prospect of forming a deep connection with Country and strengthening the bonds of a shared Australian identity, page 174. And places that nurture interpersonal connections of enrichment and growth, like Wurun Senior Campus, page 126, and The Hedberg, page 148. You’ll find much among these pages to motivate and move you forward, and help you thrive. Enjoy!

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