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Indesign Magazine | Issue 86 – Hybrid At Work

As this issue of Indesign goes off to print, the city of Melbourne is coming alive with a fully-fledged, take-overthe-city style design event. The vibe is electric, the work is inspired and it’s a timely reminder of the great things we can do, when we are back together producing new work.

Sydney, too, is about to get its own design festival-like event, with the return of Saturday Indesign on Saturday 21 May. Can you believe, this is its 20th anniversary? Sydney has always been a great city for hosting Saturday Indesign, with the spread of showrooms across the inner ‘burbs, and the sheer creative energy and joy the city puts into making it a day worth remembering. You can register to attend Saturday Indesign for free, and also enquire about booking your studio an exclusive bus to take you around to all the showrooms – it makes for the best team-building adventure. Flip to page 47 to see who is exhibiting and opening their showrooms this year.

Another momentous development is brewing with the sixth INDE.Awards judging underway. It’s astounding what has been achieved during two years of lockdowns – or in spite of! The level of talent and geographic variety of projects entered fills us with anticipation. Who will take home INDE gold this year?

This issue of Indesign, the ‘Hybrid At Work’ issue, emerges alongside many of Australia’s workers, who are gradually returning to the office. But what does that office look like? Our expectations have shifted, as have our behaviours, our motivations and our values. Businesses are responding as rapidly as they can redesign, and this issue we’ve brought together a series of truly exciting workplaces that each speak to the new-normal hybrid workforce in individual ways. If there is one sweeping statement I can make from bringing this issue together, it’s this: One size no longer fits all – and maybe never did. Inclusivity, neurodiversity, sustainability, wellness and community are becoming the key imperatives of our future workplaces. And in this issue, we cover it all. Enjoy!

Alice Blackwood | Editor

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