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Indesign Magazine | Issue 75 – Work, Live, Play

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At Indesign we’re passionate about progressive design and architecture, and firmly believe our region is one of the best in the world. And we know you’re on the same page with us on this one!

We founded the INDE.Awards in 2017 to bring this vision to life, and shine a spotlight on the designers and architects who are putting the Indo-Pacific region on the global map. With entries to the INDEs 2019 opening Thursday 29 November, we’re excited to bring you the next chapter of the INDEs. If you have an amazing project, studio or individual worthy of an international design award, then flag them for entry.

What makes the INDEs truly unique is its regional reach. As 2018 judge, Abbie Galvin of BVN, says: “There’s an incredible sense of community and what this awards [program] has done [is] bring a whole community of architects and designers together in what is a really big region.” Likewise, our 2018 winners represented the diversity and dynamism of the region, revealing an expansiveness in both knowledge and background. Last year’s gala brought together a melting pot of people from all fields of architecture and design across the region. It really confirmed our conviction that our region’s design community has something important to offer the global design profession.

With two INDE.Awards winners featured in this issue, Pattern Studio (page 74), and Synergy building at CSIRO by BVN (page 100), we are excited to see what the INDEs brings us in 2019.

Speaking of great work, in this issue, the ‘Healthcare & Wellbeing’ Issue, we capture the many views and visions of designers, and their clients, who are cultivating a newlook wellness economy that encompasses healthcare, aged care, fitness, personal wellness and more. I’ll hand over to our special edition editor, Tracey Ingram, to tell you all about it, page 24.

Alice Blackwood | Editor

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