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Indesign Magazine | Issue 78 – Customer Experience

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We can all attest to the fact that Australia has a lot of design events – we’re incredibly lucky! However, to date, there has not been a commercial design event that has allowed us to openly and collaboratively address the increasingly fragmented specification chain within Australia’s design, development and construction industries. Nor the design products that offer highly technical features tailored to unique needs.

FRONT changes all that. It’s a two-day event that puts the emphasis on bringing people from all areas of specification together in one dedicated location. FRONT is where you can meet designers, architects, suppliers, property developers, consultants and end-users to share your ideas and experience, and build purposeful, connective relationships geared towards mutual growth and outcome.

FRONT also presents the very latest in high-performing fit-for-purpose products for workplace, education, healthcare and hospitality contexts. Take the conversation off-stand and use FRONT’s well-appointed communal spaces to talk shop. Expand your knowledge through FRONT Forum, encompassing two full days of keynote lectures, panel discussions and CPD presentations. We’ve put together a preview of the brands, innovations and design developments that you can see at FRONT, page 67. You can also head to www.front.design

I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the very deserving winners of INDE.Awards 2019, page 27. Are you keen to enter INDE.Awards 2020? Next year marks two decades in design for Indesign Media Asia Pacific – that’s 20 years of supporting and celebrating our region’s outstanding design community. We can’t wait to officially launch INDE.Awards 2020 –it’s a special commemorative edition that will celebrate the best of the decade. Stay tuned for our program launch next month!

Finally, welcome to Indesign’s ‘Customer Experience’ issue. We’re fascinated by the paradigm shifts taking place in hospitality and retail design – all led by the way we consume. Join thought-leaders Ingrid Richards and Adrian Spence, page 76; Ryan Russell and Byron George, page 176; Koichi Takada, page 100; Stephen Crafti, page 82; and Stephen Todd, page 152, to explore this new ‘customer experience’ epoch.

Alice Blackwood | Editor

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