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Indesign Magazine | Issue 87 – State Of Wellbeing

The results are in, the jury has voted and we are incredibly proud to present the INDE.Awards Official Shortlist 2022. There is something infinitely rewarding in working with the highly awarded: each year as the INDE.Awards returns for its next iteration we observe the impressive quality and ingenuity of this region’s architects and designers as they submit their projects and profiles – in the hundreds!

What did we observe in this year’s shortlist? As our INDE.Awards Program Director, Jan Henderson, points out, it is a rare awards program that works with a shortlist of just 12 per category. So if you’ve made it through, well, you’ve really made it.

The extremely high calibre of entries this year made the task of judging both a privilege and a challenge. That top echelon of entries, which you can flick through on page 21, represents the region’s top performing, with expertise in environmentally sound design. The level of refinement and detailing is also notable, where materiality is often used as the means to achieve a particular aesthetic. And the resolution of each entry is impressive – fully resolved and beautifully crafted – which is a credit to each and every firm that made the list. Congratulations to you all.

Who will receive the crowing category accolade? Join us for the INDE.Awards Gala, 4 August – in person, no less! – in Melbourne. In the meantime, explore further online, indeawards.com

Earlier this year in May we welcomed back Saturday Indesign (SID) in Sydney – can you believe it’s been running for 20 years? Still today, the essence of what made the earliest SIDs so exciting – so vibey! – remains, and we soaked it all up in a one-day bonanza of design celebrations. We captured some of the highlights in this issue over on page 66. Get ready for the next edition in Melbourne 2023.

To this issue of Indesign and the topic of health and wellbeing. I don’t think there could be a more exciting time to be surveying the state of wellbeing in design across all typologies. Our appetite for wellbeing is ever expanding. It touches every element of our daily lives and thus our built environment. From community precincts through to destinations – like the workplace and hotels – right down to hospitals and clinics: we have asked the industry’s finest architects and designers to deliver their take on the ‘State Of Wellbeing’ in design in 2022. The answers lie within, page 139. Enjoy your issue!

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