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Indesign Magazine | Issue 66 – Care

You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, and if the eggs are anything to go by, then we’ve made one hell of an omelette!

Sure, we’ve had a saucy new makeover (we know, we look totally hot now), but more than that – and from what we’ve all come to learn from every after-school special in existence – it’s what’s inside that counts.

We are Indesign. We have always been Indesign and we will continue to love being Indesign. We curate, inspire, challenge, provoke, educate and at times even infuriate; bringing you the world’s most extraordinary design activity, edited for the Asia Pacific region – edited for you.

If we’ve chosen it to feature in our ever-so precious and limited pages, you know it’s something worth remembering. So, what does this all actually mean?

The theme of this issue, care, is a solid case-in-point. We could have done the easy thing and simply addressed ‘health’. Instead, we have explored the idea of care. What does care mean to our industry, and what does it mean to our clients? How and why are we investing in the R&D of wellbeing? Does care in the design process need to be transparent? Why are caring leaders and mentors a critical component of our industry? Here, we aim to both raise and answer all the big questions… and that’s just the beginning!

We also connect you with creative virtuosos like Tokujin Yoshioka, who dissects his time with the great Issey Miyake. We give you some one-on-one time with Australian-Icelandic designer, Sruli Recht, who looks to answer the question: Is there currency in controversy? We ask whether hospitality is the future of ABW through the lenses of mixed-use hospitality project, Ovolo Sydney by Hassell. What happens when designers are the client? We go backstage at the new Woods Bagot Melbourne office to reveal in-house materiality, customisation and collaboration… that’s just another just a snapshot!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We are Indesign. We have always been Indesign and we will continue to love being Indesign. Enjoy the issue!

Sophia Watson & Alice Blackwood | Indesign Co-Editors

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