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Design Safety And tesa – Protecting What’s Important

As the building and design safety industries evolve and change, the need for products and accessories that work within this new sphere has never been more obvious – enter tesa.

Design Safety And tesa – Protecting What’s Important


May 18th, 2020

tesa’s commitment to the building and construction is clearly visible in their extensive product offerings. Not just a sleek and secure way to secure surfaces, tesa’s adhesive solutions have been designed to protect what’s valuable in our homes and businesses. From the protection of windows and doors from manufacture to installation, to increasing security of buildings from unwanted intruders, and even protection from cyclones and hurricanes – tesa is here for your safety.

When windows and doors are damaged, re-work can be expensive, and new installation even more so – tesa knows this, and their range of tape has been designed to help protect what’s valuable. Their high quality solutions offer peace of mind that your valuable surfaces stay protected – from manufacturing to transportation and installation.

The rapidly changing coating industry is currently seeing the introduction of many new surface finishes that have been designed to be more robust, as design safety becomes an increasingly important facet of home and commercial design. Yet this has presented new problems for designers.

The textured coating of these new surfaces are stronger than ever, yet tend to react undesirably with tradition adhesives, which is a problem tesa’s engineers and designers are looking to solve. Adhesives from tesa are an ideal solution for these delicate textured powder coating surfaces, offering stability without harming the precious material that makes up the surface.

Safety is about more than protecting windows during the installation process though, which is why tesa tape goes to the next level with design safety. Pristine dry glazed windows can exude contemporary aesthetics and style with safety thanks to tesa’s tape, which improves a window’s structural properties and protects against burglaries. In 2019, were 168,031 burglaries in Australia and 65,158 in New Zealand alone – but the good news is that most thieves are lazy. European research shows 45% give up before they can enter a home – with tesa protecting your property, it can be even more. tesa lab testing shows that windows installed using tesa ACXplus® increases break in time by 300% compared to traditional mounting technologies. 

Beyond possibilities for human driven damage, the other major design safety risk to any building is Mother Nature. Thankfully, tesa has designed for this as well. Strong winds and earthquakes are a risk to any building, but especially the modern skyscraper and high rise. The unique adhesive properties of tesa can mitigate the damage these risks pose to any building. tesa’s adhesive solutions are tapes to withstand the forces of nature.

In 2017, these solutions were put to the test. tesa’s ACXplus® tape was used in the construction of a skyscraper in Miami, Florida, with tesa mounting the large glass façade elements using the ACXplus® tape. These bonded elements were later subjected to the power of Hurricane Irma. Despite wind speeds of 210 kilometres per hour, the facade system came through without any damage whatsoever. ACXplus® has also been tested and certified by the James Cook University Cyclone Testing Station, undergoing enormous wind pressures of up to 9.1KPa to simulate the effects of a cyclone.

While not on the scale of a hurricane, water leaking can also pose a risk to modern buildings. Thankfully, tesa’s adhesives offer solutions for this as well. Constant exposure to the elements can have any building a little worse for ware, and susceptible to rain damage, leaking and eventual mould build-up. tesa offers self-adhesive air and water proofing systems and high quality flashing tapes for protection against these building annoyances.

Design and safety need to go hand in hand, and thanks to tesa’s discrete yet utterly reliable adhesive solutions, style does not need to be sacrificed to reach this.

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