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Talking Design: Ideas On The Move

Stephen Crafti with RMIT presents a fresh take on design in all its facets


BY jesse

September 1st, 2012

A cross-pollination of ideas is no better accomplished than through robust, insightful dialogue.

RMIT pride themselves on this sharing of philosophies; manifested in fortnightly podcasts addressing design in all its facets.

Hosted by consummate writer and design commentator, Stephen Crafti, the Talking Design series engages cultural ambassadors and industry luminaries from all backgrounds such as interiors, architecture and industrial design.

Notably, the series also features expert analysis from RMIT University academics, rounding out a diverse and discerning treatment of the core subject.

To date interviewees have included Kenneth W. Park, Joost Bakker; leading fashion photographer, Monty Coles; industrial designer, Simon Lloyd, architect Fiona Winzar, glass artist Mark Douglas and furniture designer John Parker.

Listen online at the RMIT website or download the podcasts from RMIT’s account at iTunes U.

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