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Head Office Group presents Vie T2

The Vie T2 second tier worktop from Head Office Group brings style, functionality and flexibility to the workplace.


BY jesse

March 3rd, 2011

Head Office Group has added the T2 second tier worktop to its successful range of Vie workstations.

T2 has a solid design and floating-like position, allowing 2 levels of worktop to be used at once.

It is important to have the ability to easily adapt to the changing demands of the workspace, limited office space being one of the issues encountered by many designers and architects.

The T2 second tier worktop increases the worktop area without increasing the floor area.

Vie desk-based systems are fully customisable, with a range of components and accessories available.

Vie can be quickly assembled, re-assembled and re-configured and, at the end of its lifecycle, is easily dismantled for recycling.

What’s more, Vie is GECA certified and manufactured locally by Head Office Group.

Step up a level with a Vie T2 second tier worktop.


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