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Please take your seats: Puffalo Universal Group finds perfect harmony

Bringing a softer and more human-centric approach to commercial interiors, Puffalo Universal Group by Ross Didier creates endless design opportunities for interior landscaping. Please sit back and enjoy the short animation.

Throughout the years, Australian designer, Ross Didier has spent his career creating products that harmoniously balance the boundaries of art, design and function. Add a touch of craft, expert engineering and utilitarian-luxury, and you enter the world of Didier Design Studio.

“Art and design are very different, and I feel very aware of sliding the bar between them,” Didier expresses. “Good art communicates ideas – good design serves function, and the story this creates is inspiring.”

The Melbourne-based furniture design and production practice always strives to create unique products through boundless manufacturing techniques, materials and methods of thinking. Deeply passionate about challenging the status quo, Didier’s Universal Puffalo Group paves the way for a new era of interior landscaping.

Following the success of the deluxe Puffalo lounging, Didier extends the collection with an exciting new modular program that takes on a slightly different approach than its predecessor. Bringing a softer and more human-centric approach to commercial interiors, Puffalo Universal Group boasts an exceptionally crafted selection of sofa modules, desking, ottomans, tablet tables and partition screens – all designed to enjoy together or as a singular statement piece.

The design possibilities are endless with Puffalo Universal Group. Adaptable, versatile and sophisticated in style, this unique collection inspires revitalised interior landscapes across the largest communal environments to the smallest private pods. Each piece can be customised, creating distinctive configuarations and styles with a selection of fabrics, colours, materials and timber finishes.

“While the modules create aesthetically exciting combinations, we also ensured the range celebrates functional needs,” adds Didier. Throughout the collection, the user has the option to integrate power and data elements, as well as a selection of higher upholstery backs and free-standing screens for a higher level of privacy, protection and effective sound insulators.

Born from superior quality fabrication and rigorous attention to detail, the pieces of the Puffalo Universal Group boasts curves in all the right places. The collection’s profile showcases an ergonomic comfort, which provides premium support across multiple industries and users. Reminiscent of a lively and dynamic pas de deux, these pieces highlight each other’s best qualities to create a holistic, cooperative final product: Didier doubles as a choreographer of design.

“The Universal design provides a relaxed, open, inviting residential spirit into the atmosphere, that can drift into workspace and public environments,” Didier says. “I like the idea of furniture being able to enrich conversation and sparking the imagination, and I like the idea that interior spaces can be enjoyable to build.”

Take a seat. And experience the Puffalo Universal Group.


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