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Indoor pots, boxes and planters for every design style

Every home is a little brighter with some plants inside. Here are some of the best pots and planters available in Singapore.

Indoor pots, boxes and planters for every design style

Juliet Taylor


September 30th, 2022

A planter is any container in which living plants are grown. There are many different types, shapes and sizes of planters. Each size is suited to certain types of plants. Planters can be made from a number of materials including clay, plastic, glazed ceramic, fibreglass, concrete and metal. Ceramic pots are the most common type of planters for houseplants in Singapore.

Choosing the right planter is critical to ensuring the health of your plants. Making sure that your plants thrive inside is a tricky task that involves a lot of knowledge of their watering habits, light requirements, and growth rates. Growth rate is particularly relevant when choosing an indoor planter because certain plants such as the rubber fig will require repotting after a year or so.

There are a huge variety of planters on offer around Singapore. Currently, rustic planters are seeing a boom in popularity. Reclaimed or recycled wood planters have a rustic charm that compliments the naturalness of the plants. They are particularly popular for those who design with the concepts of Feng Shui, which names wood as one of the five elements. Painted ceramic pots are also very common, particularly with cutesy faces or naturalist artistic line-art.

Why choose carefully?

Planters are not just decorative. There are a number of benefits to choosing the right planter which go beyond just aesthetic value. Having houseplants in the home is proven to improve the air quality, boost moods, and can even help with productivity in a home-office setting. Gardening every day is a routine activity which can strengthen concentration and bring satisfaction into your daily actions.

Harnessing the power of plants in your home can feel a little tricky if you don’t know where to start. Fear not: here are the best indoor planters currently available and information on where to buy plant pots in Singapore. Remember to check that your plants are safe for pets before purchasing – many common houseplants can be surprisingly toxic to our furry companions.

The best planters Singapore: Where to buy high quality planter box Singapore

20. Ikea

two ceramic pots with green plants on desk

Ikea has a huge range of plants and pots which can be sold together or separately. A furniture and homeware giant, Ikea is well-known for providing high quality items at low prices. You can purchase the plant pots pictured above in a set here from Ikea for just $10.

19. Air pots

air pots singapore

Air pots are a revolutionary type of gardening pot which helps to promote growth. They have multiple air holes which guide the roots of the plant. The roots are naturally dehydrated, pruned and stimulated for branching by the air-pot. Read more about Air-Pots here.

18. Kathy’s cove

rattan pot plant holder wicker

Kathy’s cove is an international supplier of artisanal pots and planters. You can purchase the beautiful rattan pot holders seen above here.

17. Ferm living

ferm living stylish blacked stacked

Ferm living is a stylish brand of luxury pots and planters. They are known for creating daring and innovative designs such as the one above, which you can purchase here in various sizes.

16. Pottaplantta

kate spade pot ceramic ribbed fluted white planter

Potta Plantta is one of Singapore’s highest quality planter suppliers. All of Potta Plantta’s products are individually handcrafted with the support of artisans from all across South East Asia. Browse their website here.

15. Rectangular planter box

cactus rectangular pot planter ferm living

Rectangular pots have a unique charm that sets them apart from the classic round pot. This handmade shallow planter box is suitable for plants with small root systems like cacti and succulents.

14. White planter

ceramic wicker basket with oranges pot plant

When buying a plant pot Singapore, you cannot go wrong with Ferm Living. This ceramic white pot has a woven basket look which makes it multi-purpose – you can use it as a planter, a fruit bowl, or even just décor art.

13. Outdoor plant stand

rattan wicker pot holder

The faith’s sunrise planter offered here at Kathy’s cove is perfect for indoor and outdoor settings.

12. Fibreglass planter box

fibrerlass rectangular pot plant

Fibreglass is a durable material perfect for the outdoors. Purchase this beautiful fibreglass planter box here from Green Life.

11. Rattan planter Singapore

three tier plat display rack

This rattan plant display rack is designed to delight the plant lovers of the world. The three shelf tiers provide ample space for showcasing your prized plants as well as art and other décor items.

10. Condo planter box

condo planter black sleek pots

This fibreglass planter box by Palasa would make a gorgeous addition to a classic or contemporary home.

09. Plants rack

rattan climbing plant wall for balcony vines

A rattan plant trellis is the perfect way to start cultivating your balcony garden.

08. Balcony planter box

bau balcony plant box

The designer of this bau balcony box was inspired by the industrial surfaces of Bauhaus architecture.

07. Hanging wall planter

hanging wall planter

Wall hanging planters provide a fresh, natural vibe that is sure to delight. This rustic mini basket planter is available here. If hanging pots interest you, take a look at the best wall hanging planters Singapore has to offer.

06. Vertical planter pot Singapore

mounted wall planter display vertical

This brass vertical wall planter is a great choice because you can have it mounted, deconstructed, or standalone.

05. Flower pot

flower display vase ceramic stone

Another beautiful handmade design by Ferm Living, this Vanitas Flower Stone is a beautiful display pot for dried flowers.

04. Terracotta pots

terracotta pot planters

Terracotta is a beautiful and affordable material for small and large plant pots alike. This terracotta plant pot with saucer is perfect for outdoors. Buy it here from Ikea for just $5.

03. Vegetable planter box

vegetable box for balcony plants

Having a vegetable planter box on your balcony is a great way to make the most of your space. They are a beautiful start to a rooftop garden and you get to enjoy fresh, home-grown herbs and veggies whenever you like!

02. Wooden planter box

wooden planter box stack DIY bunnings ideas for balcony

Wooden planters are beautiful – and easy to obtain! Stacking wooden planters is a simple DIY job that will result in a gorgeous, rustic plant tower.

01. Ceramic plant pots

cute ceramic planter painted with smile face and green plant

Ceramic planters often have a natural, raw charm achieved by their unrefined surface. They are the best indoor plant pots because they are so versatile and you can paint them to look like art. Purchase the pot pictured above here or browse more examples of the best indoor pot types.

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